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Sep 12

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Victoria Beach is a small community in Laguna Beach that is well known for it's ocean view and ocean front homes.  We have many clients looking for view homes that are close to the water and we always start with the Victoria Beach area.  Victoria beach is located in the South Laguna Beach area with homes currently starting at $2,500,000 and as high as $10,995,000 for an oceanfront double lot contemporary home.  If views are important then you may also want to consider the upper Victoria Beach area which is located on the other side of Pacific Coast Highway.  These homes will have dramatic views of the ocean with homes under the $2 million dollar range.  Many visitors coming to Laguna Beach prefer to rent a home in Laguna before they buy.  This allows them

Mar 13

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The Laguna Beach Real Estate market has seen some incredible deals in the past 30 days.  If you are a Laguna Beach home buyer wanting to get into the Laguna marketplace you are missing some really great deals!  In the past 30 days, we have seen 5 single family detached homes come on the market for under $490,000!  This is something we haven't seen in a long time and we are very excited for the change.  Of course, like anything else there is a huge numbers of buyers looking for homes in this price range so it's not surprising that all of these homes have already got accepted offers on them and have been acquired within a matter of days by savvy Laguna Beach homes buyers.  Unlike other parts of the country, there is a very active buyer pool for new listings…
Feb 25

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As the Laguna Beach housing inventory starts to increase we are starting to see some really incredible prices on single family homes.  Take for example this South Laguna Village Home that just came on the market as a short sale for $459,900 that offers two bedrooms and an incredibly beach close location and is currently the lowest priced single family home for sale In Laguna Beach.  Keep in mind with short sale listings that the offering price is not necessarily the final price the bank will accept on a home.   Prices for real estate listings are typically negotiated at first between the listing broker and the seller of the home.  In a short sale process the price that is picked between the owner and the agent and then offered for sale at will be…
Jan 11

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Many have asked if 2012 is a good time to buy a house in Laguna Beach.  As real estate inventory in Laguna Beach is reaching record lows the supply and demand for real estate is reaching a new high.  What does this mean for real estate prices?  Our experts don't believe that we will see an increase in pricing for 2012 but a very competitive market for prime properties priced at market value and offering ocean views or located on the ocean front.  We are currently seeing multiple buyers bidding one single properties especially in the short sale arena.  Short Sales are becoming the dominant way to seize a great deal in Laguna Beach but there are good and bad points about doing a short sale.  If you are patient and you act quickly when you see a good deal

Jan 4

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Many dream of owning a home in Laguna Beach, California and one of the most popular architectural styles is the cottage style.  Cottage style homes seem to encapsulate the essence of the Laguna Beach lifestyle with lots of charm and personality, just like the residents of Laguna Beach!  If you are familiar with the Laguna Beach landscape then you know that these small cottages are spread throughout the city.  The highest concentration of these cottage style homes will be in the heart of town in the Laguna Village.  You will also find these unique homes in the North and South Laguna area.  If you are looking for a hidden gem on an area in Laguna then you may want to venture into the Upper Victoria Beach area.  Victoria Beach is located on the south side of

Jan 3

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What a difference a couple years makes in the Laguna Beach Real Estate market!  What will happen in 2012 is up in the air but with sales up 19% last year many speculate that we have hit the bottom and the time to get the deals is now!  While this is still a buyers market many sellers are offering creative financing to help buyers make offers on their properties.  Sellers who own their homes free and clear have the luxury of offering seller carry backs for the first note position.  This is a huge selling point and buyers don't have to go through the traditional mortgage route in order to buy the home.  Seller Carry Backs are not new but are seen more in a down market.  We constantly watch the market here in Laguna and was excited to see a new ocean view

Oct 27

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Irvine Cove is one of the premier gated communities in the North Laguna area with homes located on both sides of Pacific Coast Highway.  The community is the last neighborhood before you enter into the Newport Beach city limits to the north.  One of the best features of the community is it's large abudance of ocean view homes.  The homes are situated gradually up the hill to maximize the ocean views.  This year we have seen one sale in Irvine Cove for just over $5 million price point with current prices ranging from in the upper $4 million dollar range to just under $16 million.  You will find large scale homes in this neighborhood with the privacy you would expect from a 24 hour guard gated community.  If you are looking for a large ocean view estate

Oct 18

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Everyone knows that location is one of the main factors when considering real estate in Laguna Beach.  If you are familiar with Laguna Beach then you know that homes located on the ocean side of Highway 1 (Pacific Coast Highway) are very desirable.  Many home buyers are looking for good values in today's marketplace and finding a home that needs work with ocean views and located just a couple blocks to the beach is very much high in demand.  We are excited to see a new fixer upper ocean view two bedroom home to come on the market that is located on the Ocean side of Highway 1 for $1,050,000!  Located in the Victoria Beach area of Laguna Beach where you will find multi million dollar ocean view homes and oceanfront estate homes priced well over $10 million…
Oct 3

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Living by the beach you have many ocean view streets that have commanding views of the ocean.  One of the best streets to buy an ocean view home is located on "Temple Hills Drive" in the Laguna Village area of Laguna Beach, California.  Temple Hills Drive is located in the Temple Hills area of Laguna Beach and has a natural canyon area below the homes on the north side of the street.  The homes overlook the "Main Beach" and the Laguna Coastline with some of the best sunset views to be found in Laguna Beach!  The homes often come with multiple levels to the home with with multiple view decks.  A good example of this is a new Laguna Beach home that has just come on the market at 1697 Temple Hills Drive that offers incredible ocean views and is listed as a

Sep 29

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The Laguna Canyon area is the best place to find the lowest price single family homes in Laguna Beach, California.  The Laguna Canyon area is located on the outskirts of town and off the Laguna Canyon Rd which is the main way in to Laguna Beach from the 5 & 73 Freeway.  Since these homes are often 5 to 10 minutes into town the price of real estate is greatly reduced.  Single family homes in the Canyon area start just under $340,000 and up and you will find a nice mixture of Laguna Beach cottages and historic homes.  You will also find larger custom homes for well under $1,000,000 that sometimes features a lot of land and square footage of the home.  A good example of this is a new bank owned home that just came on the market 3 days ago the was built in