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The Village Ocean View Homes

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The Village area of Laguna Beach stretches from the Woods Cove area and continues to the Main Beach area is by far the most sought after residential area for homes in the one to two million range near the beach.  What makes this area so great is the location and the style of homes that can be found here.  First, the location is within a several block radius to the beach and the many shopping and resturants that line Coast Highway.  The homes in this area date back to the early part of the century with many Spanish and bunglaow style homes built in the 1920's.  Ocean view homes are best found closest to the beach as the topography tends to be rather flat and doesn't afford itself to having big ocean views.

Ocean View homes in this are currently start at

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Laguna Beach Mills Act Homes

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Laguna Beach has a large inventory of older historic homes that were built at the turn of the century.  Many love these older homes for their historic charm and architectural details.  Others seek these homes out for their tax savings if they are covered under the Mills Act.  So what exactly is the Mills act and how does it save a homeowner money?  First, the Mills Act is an National organization that is set out to preserve these historic homes from destruction and modification.  They work with the state and federal government in lowering a homeowners tax base in care of these homes.  Laguna Beach has a lot of older homes but they are all not on the Mills Act.  A resident must submit an application to the Mills Act organziation to get approved before any

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Main Beach Ocean View Homes

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Main Beach homes are located near the Main Beach Park and beach area near the center of Laguna Beach.  This is the true meeting spot for many who live in Laguna Beach with it's wide open views of the sandy beach and Pacific Ocean and the famous lighthouse that resides on Main Beach.  Homes that are found in this area will offer close proximity to the beach but will rarely have a huge ocean views due to the low topography of the area.  Finding a home here with an ocean view will command a premium in price as view and location are the most desirable items when looking for a home in Laguna Beach.

One of the best places to find ocean view properties in this area is on the oceanfront street of "Gaviota Drive."  This is a great street to find single family

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Laguna Beach Homes On The Sand

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Situated in the Thousands Steps beach area in Laguna Beach is a rare offering for homes that are literally built and located on the sandy beach. There is very common to see this is neighboring beach towns like Newport Beach and Dana Point where homes have been built right on the sand. Laguna Beach is a much different topography with homes being built on the cliff side or on the ocean front and rarely on the sand. Thousands Steps Beach is located in the South Laguna area and actually has three homes that are located on the sand.

What makes this really unusual is that these homes are part of another home located at the top of the street known as "Coast Hwy." Since it literally takes 1000 steps to get down to the beach the homes have a cable system that

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Laguna Beach Weekly Vacation Rental Rules

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For those interested in purchasing a property in the Laguna Beach area for vacation rentals it's important to understand the steps that are involved in preparing your home for a weekly rental.  First, not all homes and neighborhoods are designated for weekly rentals.  The city has a great service where you can call in the address of the Laguna Beach home and they can tell you if they home qualifies.  There are many factors that goes into this qualification process but mainly deals with the density of homes in the area and if it conducive for weekly rentals based on room for parking, noise factors, etc. 

Once you have learned that the property is zoned for short term rentals the next step would be to submit an application to get a permit.  The

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Camel Point Ocean View Homes

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Camel Point is a quiet residential neighborhood of 15 homes located in a premier oceanfront location.  The community offers 8 homes located on the ocean front with an additional 7 ocean view properties.  This is a small gated community that offers direct access down to the beach as pictured below.  Since the community is home to only 15 properties homes rarely come on the market here.  The neighborhood has a nice mixture of contemporary as well as older historic homes.  An ocean view property is now being offered for sale for $4,595,000.  I had a chance to preview this home and the 5 bedroom home really did offer nice views of the ocean. 

The views are mainly over the rooftops of the properties located on the oceanfront as pictured below.  In addition,

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Mystic Hills Ocean View Homes

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The Mystic Hills area of Laguna Beach is one of my favorite areas with beautiful luxury homes that grace the hillside that sits directly above the downtown area.  Some of the first homes in this area were built in the mid 1920's and offered prime views of the valley and ocean.  In the 1960's we saw a big spike in the number of properties being built in this prime location and new construction continues to this day as Mystic Hills is considered one of the top areas to live.

The community is non-gated and and located approximately 10 minutes to the beach.  It adjoins the Park Avenue Estates and Top of the World communities and sits directly across the valley from the upscale Temple Hills community.  Lower Mystic Hills homes offer quick access to the

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Coast Royal Ocean View Homes

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The Coast Royal area of Laguna Beach has some of the best panoramic views of the ocean in the desirable South Laguna area.  The Coast Royal is ideally situated in the hills with a short distance down to the West Beach which starts at Table Rock and ends at Aliso Creek beach.  This is a popular area with a nice variety of single family homes that are built in various architectural styles.  Some of my favorite contemporary style homes can be found in this area that have awe inspiring views with clean modern lines.  The streets wind up the hill and in some parts can be a little narrow but when you see the view it's worth all the effort to get up to this location.  The neighborhood is a non-gated community filled with custom homes built in the last 86 years. 

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Chris Abel Designed Condos

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For those who have spent anytime in the Laguna Beach area or thinking about buying a home then the name Chris Abel is sure to come up in conversation.  Chris Abel is the famed Laguna Beach architect that has designed some of the most beautiful structures in Laguna Beach.  Many associate him for his contemporary single family homes but often forget that he has also designed residential condos as well.

One of these buildings is located at 335 - 339 Cypress Drive in the North Laguna area of Laguna Beach.  From the appearance this appears to be a condo building one would see in the Northern California area with brown cedar shake and large mature pine trees.  The building was built in 1976 and offers lush gardens and a nature setting even though it's

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Laguna Terrace Park Community

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The Laguna Terrace Park is one of the best kept secrets for buying affordable homes in the Laguna Beach area.  These are manufactured homes situated in one of the best locations in Laguna that are located directly across the street from the upscale ocean front Montage Resort & Spa.  From this location it's just a matter of minutes to enjoy a drink at the hotel are make your way down to the beach.  Some of the lowest priced homes start at $69,000 for a one bedroom, one bath manufactured home that is located just blocks to the beach.

Laguna Terrace Park Community in Laguna Beach, California

The community has some of the best ocean views that can be found in the South Laguna area with panoramic ocean and sunset vistas that overlooks the Montage Resort as pictured below.  Not all homes will have this spectacular

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