Alta Vista Laguna Beach

We specialize in the Alta Vista Laguna Beach homes here in Laguna Beach, California  Alta Vista homes are located in the Laguna Village area and features great ocean views from this hillside location.  If you are in the market to buy an ocean view home in Laguna Beach the we recommend viewing the homes for sale at Alta Vista.

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May 1

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Laguna Beach is well known for having the highest concentration of contemporary homes than any other beach town in Southern California.  With a current inventory of 74 contemporary homes on the open market for sale, Laguna Beach is the ideal spot for those who love this architectural design.  The word "contemporary" conjures up images of sleek lines and walls of glass for some people while other consider contemporary as wide open spaces with lots of curves and angels to the walls.  In Laguna Beach you will find three different types of contemporary homes known as soft contemporary, ultra contemporary and your classic contemporary homes with many of these offering ocean views.

Ultra Contemporary Homes in Laguna Beach, California

Ultra contemporary homes are to the extreme with hard angels and sleek

Mar 27

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Everyone from real estate agents to home buyers are talking about the low inventory of housing in Southern California and how frustrating it is to find a suitable property at a reasonable price in today's real estate market.  A lot of times these hidden gems may be out there but not visible on the open real estate market and hidden from being seen anywhere on the Internet.  Sometimes the best deals are those that are on "hold" status for one reason or another.

A real estate agent will put a home "on hold" for a wide range of reasons.  Sometimes seller's will have some kind of an emergency come up and still want to sell the home but are unable to cooperate with showings during a short period of times.  In other cases we see a lot of short sale and bank

Nov 22

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A wonderful contemporary ocean view home has come on the market in Laguna Beach and is located at 420 Alta Vista Way.   The stunning contemporary home is surrounded by unobstructed Ocean and Catalina views with no wires in sight. A true one of a kind architecturally designed property that features the finest wood, glass and slate finishes. If you love contemporary design then you will absolutely love this home.

420 Alta Vista Way Entry | Laguna Beach, California

As you enter the home you are greeted with a private courtyard with water features that leads to the double glass entry doors. I love this part of the property as you feel like you are in a private retreat with nobody around you.

420 Alta Vista Way Front Door | Laguna Beach, California

The double glass door and walls of glass great you with a lot of light and let you know you are entering a home

Mar 13

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The Laguna Beach Real Estate market has seen some incredible deals in the past 30 days.  If you are a Laguna Beach home buyer wanting to get into the Laguna marketplace you are missing some really great deals!  In the past 30 days, we have seen 5 single family detached homes come on the market for under $490,000!  This is something we haven't seen in a long time and we are very excited for the change.  Of course, like anything else there is a huge numbers of buyers looking for homes in this price range so it's not surprising that all of these homes have already got accepted offers on them and have been acquired within a matter of days by savvy Laguna Beach homes buyers.  Unlike other parts of the country, there is a very active buyer pool for new listings…
Feb 7

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When considering buying a ocean front short sale you have many choices in Southern California.  The south part of California yields some of the best places to buy ocean front homes from the San Diego beaches of La Jolla to the cliffs in Malibu, ocean front homes are plentiful.  If you are looking for a special place to live and considering the Orange County area there is no better place to find an ocean front short sale then Laguna Beach.  Home to one of the largest collection of oceanfront homes in all various price ranges.  Many of these ocean front homes are in small carved out streets that provide direct access to the beach.  Areas like Lagunita and Woods Cove are perfect examples of locations in Laguna Beach that provide beach living at it's best. 

Jan 11

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Many have asked if 2012 is a good time to buy a house in Laguna Beach.  As real estate inventory in Laguna Beach is reaching record lows the supply and demand for real estate is reaching a new high.  What does this mean for real estate prices?  Our experts don't believe that we will see an increase in pricing for 2012 but a very competitive market for prime properties priced at market value and offering ocean views or located on the ocean front.  We are currently seeing multiple buyers bidding one single properties especially in the short sale arena.  Short Sales are becoming the dominant way to seize a great deal in Laguna Beach but there are good and bad points about doing a short sale.  If you are patient and you act quickly when you see a good deal

Aug 21

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We often have clients ask us about homes that need a little work and often referred to as "fixer-uppers" here in Laguna Beach, California.  The term "fixer-upper" can mean a wide range of things to different people but the general term means that the house will need work beyond simple cosmetic fixes.  This can be from simple updating the tile, carpet and appliances to homes that need more serious work like structural and modification changes.  For the most part, fixer-upper properties are priced accordingly so If you don't mind a little bit of sweat equity then buying a fixer-upper can make a lot of sense.  You may be interested in a newly listed home in Laguna Beach in the South Laguna Beach that has been described as "does need work."  Homes in this area…
Aug 1

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Laguna Beach is a major tourist destination with thousands of visitors coming to the city each year.  Many Laguna Beach home buyers are looking for properties that can be used for both residential and commercial use to generate monthly cash flow and have a place to call home.  A newly listed residential and commercial use property has come on the market that offers these two elements with ocean views!  When considering where to buy commercial space in Laguna Beach is always best to walk the desired location during the day to see how the traffic flows.  Commercial properties located in the Laguna Village will typically have more traffic than North or South Laguna locations.  North Laguna area tends to have more upscale and is a popular area for art

Jun 29

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Many of the luxury homes for sale in Laguna Beach, California come with luxury swimming pools as an added bonus to the home.  If you are in the market for a Laguna Beach property with a pool you will be pleasantly surprised to know that over 100 properties fit that criteria.  From luxury gated communities to small beach cottages, Laguna Beach homes with pools offers a wide selection to choose from.  As the climate in Laguna Beach is an even 72 degree for most of the years cooling off to escape the heat is something that is not necessary in Southern California.  Swimming pools are considered a luxury and homes with pools can be a negative or a positive depending on the lifestyle of the home buyer looking at your home.   No matter what your preference,…
Jun 28

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Most of our Laguna Beach CA Home buyers want the best of all worlds.  Finding a home with a great ocean view that you can also easily walk to the beach is the perfect match for a lot of real estate buyers here in Laguna Beach, California.  A newly listed home has just come on the market in the Alta Vista community in Laguna Beach.  Alta Vista is a great ocean view community that is located just a couple streets from Pacific Coast Highway and then a short block to the beach.  The location of the Alta Vista neighborhood is directly above the famous Victoria Beach community.  Oceanfront homes in Victoria Beach will sell for well above $5 million dollars and most home buyers on a budget will elect to purchase an ocean view property located just east of