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We specialize in the South Laguna Village homes here in Laguna Beach, California  South Laguna Village is a great place to find ocean view properties ranging in price from $700,000 to $20,000,000 depending on the location, view and size of the home. You will also find in this area a wide variety of architecture from vintage cottages to luxury Mediterranean estates.  If you are looking for a great beach location with ocean views then South Laguan Village may be for you.

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Sep 11

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There has never been a better time to buy an ocean front condo in the famous Table Rock complex.  Inventory always tends to be very low in this complex due to the small number of oceanfront condos that are in existence here.  Right now, buyers have 4 condo listings to choose from in Table Rock that offer spectacular ocean views in arguably one of the best locations in Laguna Beach.  Real Estate prices start at $2,650,000 for a 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo with 1,136 square feet and direct ocean front views to as high as $4,999,000 for a 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo with 1,371 square feet.  What separates these price points is the location within the complex, size of the unit and condition as far as upgrades to the condos, etc.  3 of the 4 new listings have been on

Aug 13

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Buying a home in Laguna Beach can be tricky when deciding on which neighborhood to live and the best time to buy.  There are pros and cons to buying at different times of the year in Laguna Beach and often depends on how the current real estate market is doing.  It's first important to establish if the market is a buyers or a seller's market.  A buyers market means that homes will sit on the market longer than usual.  Buyers don't have to rush into buying a home and can often negotiate with the seller off the listing price.  In a seller's market properties are selling very fast and the owners are in control on who they sell it and the price they think the market will bear.  

Most of the homes in Laguna Beach will come on the market between January

May 1

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Laguna Beach is well known for having the highest concentration of contemporary homes than any other beach town in Southern California.  With a current inventory of 74 contemporary homes on the open market for sale, Laguna Beach is the ideal spot for those who love this architectural design.  The word "contemporary" conjures up images of sleek lines and walls of glass for some people while other consider contemporary as wide open spaces with lots of curves and angels to the walls.  In Laguna Beach you will find three different types of contemporary homes known as soft contemporary, ultra contemporary and your classic contemporary homes with many of these offering ocean views.

Ultra Contemporary Homes in Laguna Beach, California

Ultra contemporary homes are to the extreme with hard angels and sleek

Mar 27

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Everyone from real estate agents to home buyers are talking about the low inventory of housing in Southern California and how frustrating it is to find a suitable property at a reasonable price in today's real estate market.  A lot of times these hidden gems may be out there but not visible on the open real estate market and hidden from being seen anywhere on the Internet.  Sometimes the best deals are those that are on "hold" status for one reason or another.

A real estate agent will put a home "on hold" for a wide range of reasons.  Sometimes seller's will have some kind of an emergency come up and still want to sell the home but are unable to cooperate with showings during a short period of times.  In other cases we see a lot of short sale and bank

Jun 19

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The Laguna Beach Real Estate market is heating up and prices are starting to increase!  This is good news for home owners in the Laguna Beach area as record low inventory of homes is spurring the market forward.  This is a good and bad for buyers who have been thinking about getting back into the real estate market.  The good news is that this is a sure fire sign that now is the time to buy before prices escalate even more as the Laguna Beach market has always been in high demand.  The bad news is there is little to no homes on the market for buyers to choose from causing a multiple bidding situation amongst buyers when new listings come on the market.  We had a client request a 3 bedroom single family home in the South Laguna, Laguna Village and North

Feb 25

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As the Laguna Beach housing inventory starts to increase we are starting to see some really incredible prices on single family homes.  Take for example this South Laguna Village Home that just came on the market as a short sale for $459,900 that offers two bedrooms and an incredibly beach close location and is currently the lowest priced single family home for sale In Laguna Beach.  Keep in mind with short sale listings that the offering price is not necessarily the final price the bank will accept on a home.   Prices for real estate listings are typically negotiated at first between the listing broker and the seller of the home.  In a short sale process the price that is picked between the owner and the agent and then offered for sale at will be…
Jan 11

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Many have asked if 2012 is a good time to buy a house in Laguna Beach.  As real estate inventory in Laguna Beach is reaching record lows the supply and demand for real estate is reaching a new high.  What does this mean for real estate prices?  Our experts don't believe that we will see an increase in pricing for 2012 but a very competitive market for prime properties priced at market value and offering ocean views or located on the ocean front.  We are currently seeing multiple buyers bidding one single properties especially in the short sale arena.  Short Sales are becoming the dominant way to seize a great deal in Laguna Beach but there are good and bad points about doing a short sale.  If you are patient and you act quickly when you see a good deal

Dec 5

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Laguna Village Condos In Laguna Beach, California offer some of the best walk to the beach location properties on the market.  If you are in the market to buy a condo in a great location with or without an ocean view then you should consider the Laguna Village area.  The Laguna Village area is located just north of the South Laguna Area and just south of the Main Beach in the heart of Laguna Beach.  These ocean close condos offer a short distance to the high end restaurants and shopping that line Pacific Coast Highway in Laguna Beach.   Prices range any where from the high $200,000 range up to over $1,000,000 depending on the view and location of the condo.   Woods Cove is one the most popular spots to find these condos which is located just about 5

Aug 20

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If you are a luxury home buyer looking to buy a luxury foreclosure home in Laguna Beach you will be surprised to learn that foreclosure properties in Laguna Beach can go as high as $19.,950,000.  The Villa Mar Vista Estate in Laguna Beach, Ca is the most expensive foreclosure listing and currently on the market for $19,950.00 with dramatic ocean views and situated on 11.77 acre site in South Laguna Beach.  If you budget does not all for a home this rich of a home you will find other foreclosures on the $2 million dollar range and below.  The surge of foreclosures hitting the Laguna Beach Real Estate market has slowed down tremendously as most home owners in Laguna Beach have enough equity in their home to either keep the home or sell it as a standard…
Aug 13

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If you have spent some time looking for homes under $1,000,000 in Laguna Beach then you have definitely come across many of the Laguna Beach Cottages that are offered for sale.  These one, two and three bedroom homes are scattered all throughout Laguna Beach in each of the four areas consisting of Laguna Canyon, South Laguna, North Laguna and the Laguna Village area.  You will find many of these cottages to be small vacation or historic homes that were used as second residences for those from Los Angeles and beyond.  If you can appreciate these smaller gems then you have a lot of options in Laguna Beach.  Be prepared to find two bedroom cottages in all price ranges starting at $550,000 and go all the way up to a $8,000,000 oceanfront cottage!  If you are…