September 2011

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Sep 29

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The Laguna Canyon area is the best place to find the lowest price single family homes in Laguna Beach, California.  The Laguna Canyon area is located on the outskirts of town and off the Laguna Canyon Rd which is the main way in to Laguna Beach from the 5 & 73 Freeway.  Since these homes are often 5 to 10 minutes into town the price of real estate is greatly reduced.  Single family homes in the Canyon area start just under $340,000 and up and you will find a nice mixture of Laguna Beach cottages and historic homes.  You will also find larger custom homes for well under $1,000,000 that sometimes features a lot of land and square footage of the home.  A good example of this is a new bank owned home that just came on the market 3 days ago the was built in

Sep 27

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Upper Three Arch Bay Homes are located on the southern point of Laguna Beach in the 24 hour guard gated community of "Three Arch Bay."  If you are new to Laguna Beach then it's important to understand that the coastline is broken down into three distinctive areas.  From north to south you have three areas consisting of:  North Laguna, Laguna Village and South Laguna.  Each of these areas have beautiful homes located in gated communities, so deciding which area to live should be your first step when visiting Laguna Beach.  If you love the South Laguna area which is in very close proximity to the St. Regis & Ritz Carlton hotel and is home to the luxury oceanfront community of Three Arch Bay.  Within Three Arch Bay you will actually find two guard gates on

Sep 26

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One of the premier oceanfront streets in the South Laguna Beach area is "Circle Drive."  If you are familiar with Laguna Beach then Circle Drive is located just north of the "Three Arch Bay" gated community in the very southern point of Laguna Beach.  Circle Drive is a very unique streets that extends out on a natural cliff area with homes located on the edge of this u shape street.  Circle Drive has a lot of history with a recent home that was listed as high as $35,000,000 last year.  Current homes are more modest in price with oceanfront homes ranging from $5,995,000 to $17,250,000.  A neat way to see this community is from an aerial view of 31877 Circle Dr that shows the cliff side homes.  If you are looking for an oceanfront home and considering the…
Sep 23

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One of the hidden spots in Laguna Beach to find spectacular oceanfront homes is a small community called "Camel Point" in Laguna Beach, California.  Located just above Aliso Creek Beach to the south sits some of the most majestic oceanfront estate homes.  The homes have a tremendous view of the Laguna Coastline as you look towards the Montage Resort & Spa to the north.  The homes situated with southern views look towards the Laguna Royale condo complex and have forever views of the coastline looking past Dana Point & San Clemente.  Currently, there are two homes for sale in the Camel Point community with one oceanfront contemporary home currently listed at $13,900,000.  If your budget does not allow for this amount of luxury you may want to consider an

Sep 20

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The real estate market has changed with new laws and regulations to help those in wheelchairs.  The fact is that it's still hard to find a home that is wheelchair accessible in Laguna Beach, California.  We did a quick search to see how many homes are listed as wheelchair accessible and came up with 8 results.  Three of the listings were condos located in the Laguna Lido, Laguna Royale and a condo building located on Table Rock drive.  5 custom homes fit the criteria to being wheelchair friendly with homes located directly on the oceanfront and in the hills of Rancho Laguna and the North Laguna area.  A good example of this is a Mark Singer designed oceanfront home currently listed for $16,800,000 located at 992 Oceanfront.  If you budget doesn't allow

Sep 17

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A lot of Laguna Beach seller's are now looking to be creative when selling their beach home in Laguna Beach, California.  We have seen the trend of seller's offering lease options where the buyer rents for a temporary period and then has the "option" to buy the home at a later date.  Another creative finance technique is buying a home with assumable loans.  This allows for the buyer to assume the seller's existing mortgage at the interest rate that exists when the owner locked in the mortgage.  Buying a home with an assumable loan is a creative way to buy a house in today's real estate market.  We found two properties that have assumable loans with restrictions in the Victoria Beach and Terraces Laguna Beach community.  468 Ashton Drive is an ocean view

Sep 14

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Have you ever looked at a map and know exactly where you would want to live?  Believe it or not, many Laguna Beach home buyers have a pretty good idea where they would like to live, especially after spending some time in the Laguna Beach area.  Some buyers will want a home in the hills over looking the ocean while other prefer to be on the sand with oceanfront & beachfront views.  No matter what you taste for buying Laguna Beach real estate there is an easy way to find the perfect home, all at your fingertips!  Using a Laguna Beach Map search is one of the easiest ways to pin point the exact location where you want to live and see the current homes for sale in that vicinity.  Most of our clients will quickly identify several properties they would like to

Sep 12

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Grand Historic homes can be found in any major city across the United States with each town having it's own grand historic home.  Laguna Beach is also home to many grand estate homes that were built in the 1920's up to the 1950's.  The unique part about buying a home in the Laguna Beach area is the benefit of having ocean views and being just minutes to the beach.  Home prices typically will have a wide range depending on the view, size of the lot and the location of the home.  One of the grand historic estate home that is currently on the market can be found in the Temple Hills area of Laguna Beach for $4,650,000 that is situated on a 2/3 acre usable lot.  As we have noted before, Temple Hills in the Laguna Village area is one of the best to find a

Sep 10

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Selling a home through an online real estate auction has become one of the trendy things to do to sell luxury homes in today's real estate market.  There have been many successful auctions in the Southern California area with a recent $7.5 million dollar property selling in the Strand at Headlands last year.  The bids typically start at a very low price which cause a lot of interest for luxury home buyers looking for a great deal.  A Beachfront home in Dana Point just announced this week that it was going to be sold at auction with a starting bid of $3.9 million according to Concierge Auctions.  In Laguna Beach, you will find a couple homes coming up for auction in the Arch Beach Heights and the Mystic Hills area according to  1255 Pacific…
Sep 9

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Nestled in the hills of the Laguna Village area is a great area called Temple Hills.  If you are in the market to buy a contemporary home in Laguna Beach then Temple Hills should be on your list for homes to visit, especially if you are looking for an ocean view home.  We have reported in the past that Laguna Beach is one of the best places to find luxury Contemporary designed homes in all of Southern California.  Many of the these luxury homes have ocean views and can be found in all regions of the city.  Some of the best examples though can be found in the Temple Hills area where homes are situated on large lots and have forever coastal ocean views.  A perfect example of this is a Contemporary home that just came on the market today that features