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Our Laguna Beach Realtors specialize in Mark Singer Laguna Beach homes for sale in Laguna Beach, California.  Mark Singer designed homes are some of the most sought after Contemporary homes for sale here in Laguna Beach, California.

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Apr 20

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One of the hottest trends right now are 3D virtual home tours.  Since most showings are very limited agents in Laguna Beach are now making sure they every listing they have on the market comes with a virtual tour.  We checked all of the recent listings in Laguna Beach that have come on the market in the last week and every single one had a virtual tour.  The most popular virtual tour company by far is by Matterport which shows a 3D image of the property as if you were looking above the house and allows the consumer to walk through every single room as if they were at the house.  This makes a lot of sense since we have been getting a lot of calls lately of potential buyers asking for the virtual tour links of any given property.

One of the additional

Mar 7

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When Real Estate agents take a listing it is usually for a 6 or 12 month period.  Of course, this can be any length of time that the owner wants as we have seen it as short as one month when the owner really wants to get it sold right away.  After this set amount of time when the property does not sell it goes off the market and is considered an "expired listing."  Be prepared when this happens as dozens of real estate agents who's sole job is to call on expired listings will start calling you non-stop the morning after the home expires.  

These agents make a living trying to convince owners why their home didn't sell and to use them the next time around.  What most seller's don't realize is that these types of agents have very good phone skills but

Dec 31

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The Laguna Beach Real Estate market was in full swing in 2014 as home sales continued to rise and the luxury home market saw some really big sales this year.  The most expensive sale was located at 2675 Riviera Dr which is located in the plush Irvine Cove gated community.  The oceanfront estate located on the bluff front on Abalone Point sold for a record $23.6 million on 6/16/2014.  The home featured four bedrooms, five baths and 11,722 square feet of three different levels.  This was one of many homes that came on the market in the Abalone Point area with one neighboring home marketed for as high as $65 million.

Most Expensive Home Sale in Laguna Beach, California for 2014

The second highest price home sale was located at 176 Emerald Bay which sold for $15,075,000 on 9/22/2014.  This is just shy of last years

Feb 12

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Some of the most unique contemporary homes in Laguna Beach have been designed and built by local architect Mark Singer.  His homes are distinctly ultra Contemporary and are some of the most beautiful designs in Laguna Beach.  A new listing has just come on the market this week that is a 2006 year built Mark Signer contemporary home.  Located in the South Laguna area is the a home located at 22401 3rd Ave.  The home is situated the top of a very private drive and has a dramatic entry as pictured below.

Mark Singer Home For Sale | 2401 3rd Ave, Laguna Beach, CA

The home features 5 bedrooms and 4,795 square feet on a huge 38,700 square foot lot.  It's situated at the highest point of the street so you have the ultimate in privacy and views.  Walls of glass overlook the ocean while bold architectural statements

Jun 5

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Anita Street Beach Ocean Front Homes offer quick beach access directly from your backyard which is rare for Laguna Beach.  The quickest way to get to Anita Street beach is to take Anita Street to the cross section Ocean Front and Gaviota streets.  You will not find a lot of guest parking here so make sure to use the paid street parking on Coast Highway.  There are steps that take you directly down to the beach and your view to the north will be exactly as pictured below.  It's truly a beautiful beach with surfers riding the waves and great views of the Laguna coastline.

View Of Ocean Front Homes Near Anita Street Beach In Laguna Beach, California

Ocean Front homes in this area currently range for sale from $12,750,000 to $13,800,000 with a recent sale at 992 Oceanfront which sold for $13,650,000 on 5/28/2013.   If you love ultra

May 1

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Laguna Beach is well known for having the highest concentration of contemporary homes than any other beach town in Southern California.  With a current inventory of 74 contemporary homes on the open market for sale, Laguna Beach is the ideal spot for those who love this architectural design.  The word "contemporary" conjures up images of sleek lines and walls of glass for some people while other consider contemporary as wide open spaces with lots of curves and angels to the walls.  In Laguna Beach you will find three different types of contemporary homes known as soft contemporary, ultra contemporary and your classic contemporary homes with many of these offering ocean views.

Ultra Contemporary Homes in Laguna Beach, California

Ultra contemporary homes are to the extreme with hard angels and sleek

Mar 27

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Everyone from real estate agents to home buyers are talking about the low inventory of housing in Southern California and how frustrating it is to find a suitable property at a reasonable price in today's real estate market.  A lot of times these hidden gems may be out there but not visible on the open real estate market and hidden from being seen anywhere on the Internet.  Sometimes the best deals are those that are on "hold" status for one reason or another.

A real estate agent will put a home "on hold" for a wide range of reasons.  Sometimes seller's will have some kind of an emergency come up and still want to sell the home but are unable to cooperate with showings during a short period of times.  In other cases we see a lot of short sale and bank

Aug 27

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Laguna Beach is home to many historic residences as the city was one of the hot spots for vacationers as early back at the turn of the century. Since the city has many picturesque coastlines and secret coves and beaches, Laguna Beach has always been a destination city for those looking to relax and enjoy the views. Often times, vacation residences were built as small weekend retreat homes which were easier to maintain and often adequate for the mini vacation.

As Laguna Beach became more of a place of a permanent residence larger historic homes were built. Some of the best places to find these historic gems is the South Laguna, Laguna Village and North Laguna neighborhoods. Since land is at a premium in Laguna Beach doesn't expect to find

Aug 8

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Laguna Beach is a great place to find quality new construction homes by the beach with ocean views.  Of course, home prices in Laguna Beach will vary tremendously depending on the property's location, view and size of the home.  If you are in the market for a brand new construction home built this year in 2012 then home prices will start just under $2 million dollars. 

For $2 Million you will find a home in the hills of the Laguna Village area of Laguna Beach then features warm contemporary lines in the Bluebird Canyon area.  Large entertainment area upstairs with views of the ocean while downstairs features three contemporary bedrooms including a large master suite and luxury master bath featured below.

If your budget allows beyond two million there

Jun 5

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If you are in the market to buy a home but looking to leverage your cash you may want to consider seller's who are open to doing a seller carry back.   What exactly is a seller carry back?  Instead of going through a traditional mortgage to buy a home the seller of the bank becomes the bank, in essence, and provides the buyer with an interest rate and terms for the amount that is to be borrowed.  Typically, a certain amount of down payment will be required in order for the seller carry back to work, in most cases this can be anywhere from 10 to 20% of the purchase price. 

Most of it depends on the sellers motivation and the amount of equity the seller has in the property.  If the property is owned free and clear then you will have more negotiating room