June 2012

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Jun 26

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One of the most sought after neighborhoods in the Laguna Beach area is the community known as "Arch Beach Heights."  One of the main reasons why this community is in such high demand is for the amazing ocean views and the relatively low prices you will find in Laguna Beach.  Keep in mind when we say "low prices" we are already acclimated to the higher prices you will find by the beach in California and home buyers from other parts of the country would not consider these as "low prices."  Currently, prices range in Arch Beach Heights from just under $700,000 as go as high as $3 million dollars with all homes listed as standard sales with no short sale listings.  A lot of the price difference is based on the degree of the ocean view and the size of the

Jun 19

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The Laguna Beach Real Estate market is heating up and prices are starting to increase!  This is good news for home owners in the Laguna Beach area as record low inventory of homes is spurring the market forward.  This is a good and bad for buyers who have been thinking about getting back into the real estate market.  The good news is that this is a sure fire sign that now is the time to buy before prices escalate even more as the Laguna Beach market has always been in high demand.  The bad news is there is little to no homes on the market for buyers to choose from causing a multiple bidding situation amongst buyers when new listings come on the market.  We had a client request a 3 bedroom single family home in the South Laguna, Laguna Village and North

Jun 13

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Ocean View homes are plentiful here in Laguna Beach with the natural hillside topography that you will find throughout the city.  If you are looking for an ocean view property near the beach then expect prices to go up significantly.  This is especially true for finding an ocean view property in a premier gated community like Three Arch Bay, Emerald Bay and Irvine Cove.  Irvine Cove is located on the Laguna Beach & Newport Beach boarder next to the Crystal Cove state beach.  The Irvine Cove area is a smaller community homes to roughly 110 homes that are located on both the west and east sides of the coast highway. If you are looking for homes located on the front row of Irvine Cove you need to look at homes located on Riviera Drive and Monte Carlo Drive. 

Jun 5

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If you are in the market to buy a home but looking to leverage your cash you may want to consider seller's who are open to doing a seller carry back.   What exactly is a seller carry back?  Instead of going through a traditional mortgage to buy a home the seller of the bank becomes the bank, in essence, and provides the buyer with an interest rate and terms for the amount that is to be borrowed.  Typically, a certain amount of down payment will be required in order for the seller carry back to work, in most cases this can be anywhere from 10 to 20% of the purchase price. 

Most of it depends on the sellers motivation and the amount of equity the seller has in the property.  If the property is owned free and clear then you will have more negotiating room