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Our Laguna Beach realtors specialize in showcasing all North Laguna Condos For Sale in Laguna Beach, California.  You will find North Laguna to be one of the most expensive areas to buy real estate in Laguna Beach.

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Mar 7

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When Real Estate agents take a listing it is usually for a 6 or 12 month period.  Of course, this can be any length of time that the owner wants as we have seen it as short as one month when the owner really wants to get it sold right away.  After this set amount of time when the property does not sell it goes off the market and is considered an "expired listing."  Be prepared when this happens as dozens of real estate agents who's sole job is to call on expired listings will start calling you non-stop the morning after the home expires.  

These agents make a living trying to convince owners why their home didn't sell and to use them the next time around.  What most seller's don't realize is that these types of agents have very good phone skills but

Oct 9

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Finding a home under $700,000 in Laguna Beach can be tricky but it's still possible in certain neighborhoods.  The Terraces community in Laguna Beach is the first place we always recommend to look when someone wants to find a home in this price range.  Technically located in Laguna Beach but really more like being in the city of Aliso Viejo is a community situated near the 73 freeway off the Laguna Canyon road.  Living her gets you a Laguna Beach address which is very valuable for many as children get to attend schools in the Laguna Beach school district.  It's still a bit of a commute everyday to the downtown area of Laguna Beach so if you are looking for something in the heart of the city then the Terraces may not be the right community for you.  A lot

Dec 24

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The Laguna Seacliff building sits on a rock formation that is set out in the Pacific Ocean and offers two bedroom condos that can have some of the best oceanfront views to be found in Laguna Beach, California.  The condo complex was originally built in 1960 and at the time was a premier place to live on the water.  Situated in the plush North Laguna Beach neighborhood and on the oceanfront street "Cliff Drive" is a truly unique spot.  With local building codes and Coastal commission regulations a building like this could not be built in today's age. 

The complex offers a secure gated entrance and once inside there is a central community pool, underground parking and a variety of units located on the lower and upper levels of the building.  Fisherman's

May 28

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For those who have spent anytime in the Laguna Beach area or thinking about buying a home then the name Chris Abel is sure to come up in conversation.  Chris Abel is the famed Laguna Beach architect that has designed some of the most beautiful structures in Laguna Beach.  Many associate him for his contemporary single family homes but often forget that he has also designed residential condos as well.

One of these buildings is located at 335 - 339 Cypress Drive in the North Laguna area of Laguna Beach.  From the appearance this appears to be a condo building one would see in the Northern California area with brown cedar shake and large mature pine trees.  The building was built in 1976 and offers lush gardens and a nature setting even though it's located

Apr 2

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Crescent Bay Villas is a incredible condo building located in the plush North Laguna Beach area.  The complex sits next to two of the most expensive gated communities in Laguna known as "Smithcliffs" and "Emerald Bay."  This is a very small complex of 17 luxury two story town homes located in a secure gated community.  The floor plans are fairly simple with the bedrooms and bath located on the first level and kitchen and entertainment spaces located on the upper level.  What these condos offer is a lot of natural light with floor to ceiling windows, sleek modern architectural design and a quiet location.  

Crescent Bay Villas Condo Complex in Laguna Beach, CA

There is currently one condo listed for sale for $995,000.  It's located in the middle of the complex and offers 2 bedrooms, 2 baths with 1,760 square…
Aug 14

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North Laguna is well known for it's picturesque landscapes of the Pacific Ocean and beautiful coastline in Laguna Beach, California.  Finding ocean front condos in the most expensive area of Laguna Beach can be difficult especially with our low shortage of available properties on the market.  One of the largest parcels of land in the North Laguna area is known as Heisler Park.  The park dominates a large portion of the ocean front in North Laguna so many of the ocean front condos are actually located across the street from the Pacific Ocean.  "Cliff Drive" is the ocean front street that runs parrallel with the park and is one of the best places to find condos in this area.

North Laguna Ocean Front Condos in Laguna Beach, California

Cliff Drive is actually split into two different areas known as "Cliff Drive"

May 31

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Shaw's Cove is a popular beach in the North Laguna Beach area. To find Shaw's Cove you will want to head towards Cliff Drive that runs parallel with the ocean. As you head north from Heisler Park you will reach Fairview Street and Marine Drive. This is the entry location to Shaw's Cove with about 100 steps down to the sandy beach from street level. Homes in this area of North Laguna are probably the most expensive you will find that are not located in a gated community. Marine Drive for example is one of the best places to find ocean front homes that have wonderful views of the Laguna Beach coastline as pictured below.

Shaw's Cove Beach in Laguna Beach, California

There is a nice mixture of residential homes and condos in this area with the large majority of ocean front properties being single

Apr 24

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Fisherman's Cove is a popular diving location in the North Laguna Beach area.  It is also one of the most scenic spots in Laguna with rugged cliffs against the sandy beach.  The cove is a rather small area so there is just a small handfull of properties that overlook this famous cove.

One popular spot to find condos near Fisherman's cove is the Laguna Seacliff condo building.  The building is built In a circular shape with condos facing all directions towards the ocean.  Condos located on the north west side will have great views of the Cove.   Current prices in the Laguna Seacliff  range from $1.5 to $2.3 with one new listing that faces directly toward Fisherman's Cove.  These condos represent one of the best locations to find oceanfront condos in the

Mar 27

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Everyone from real estate agents to home buyers are talking about the low inventory of housing in Southern California and how frustrating it is to find a suitable property at a reasonable price in today's real estate market.  A lot of times these hidden gems may be out there but not visible on the open real estate market and hidden from being seen anywhere on the Internet.  Sometimes the best deals are those that are on "hold" status for one reason or another.

A real estate agent will put a home "on hold" for a wide range of reasons.  Sometimes seller's will have some kind of an emergency come up and still want to sell the home but are unable to cooperate with showings during a short period of times.  In other cases we see a lot of short sale and bank

Jan 30

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If you have spent some time looking for a condo or home in the Laguna Beach area then you know properties are slow to come on the market.  This is especially true for properties listed under $750,000 in Laguna Beach.  This week we noticed a great condo being offered for sale for $625,000 in the Crown Point condo complex.  Crown Point is a small condo building located in one of the best locations in North Laguna next to multi million dollar communities like Emerald Bay and Smithcliffs.  The condo offered for sale has two bedrooms, one bath with 1,092 square feet of living space.  Of course at this price point don't expect to find an ocean view as well.  What you will find is a condo that is located in one of the best spots in North Laguna.  From this