July 2013

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Jul 31

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Lagunita is a very small and private gated community located just a couple doors down from the 5 star Montage Resort in Laguna Beach.  Home to just 59 luxury homes that occupy this community with a nice mixture of oceanfront and ocean view homes.  The community simply has a gated entrance with no guard attendant with two separate entrances in to the community.  One gate entrance is for the 57 homeowners in the community and a separate gate on the north side for two oceanfront properties.  In the last 12 months there have been some really great deals in this community for ocean view homes.  1 Lagunita was originally on the market for $1,950,00 and eventually sold for $1,375,000.  Although the home only contained two small bedrooms the ocean views were

Jul 24

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Temple Hills is one of the most active communities in Laguna Beach with dozens of homes sales in the past 12 months.  One of the reasons why this area is so popular with home buyers are the unobstucted views you can find.  The community is split by the main road going up the hills known as "Temple Hill."  Homes located on the north side of the street are situated on the ocean side and have direct coastline and ocean views as pictured below.  Catalina Island can also seen on a clear day.  Surprisingly, home prices for ocean view homes are relatively low when compared to other parts of Laguna Beach.  Ocean view homes currently start just over $1.1 million dollars for a 3 bedroom ocean view home built in 1954.

Temple Hills Ocean View Homes For Sale in Laguna Beach, CA

For the most part a large majority of the

Jul 17

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Smithcliffs ocean front homes rarely come on the market in Laguna Beach due to the small nature of the community.  A total of 6 properties occupy the bluff front area with a total 21 homes located in the gated community called "Smithcliffs."  The neighborhood is very discrete and situated just south of Emerald Bay, one of the most publiziced ocean front communities in Laguna Beach.  As you can image when these prized properties come on the market they do command a premium in price.

Smithcliffs Ocean Front Homes in Laguna Beach, California

This week a new oceanfront residence has come on the market for $33 million and is ideally situated in the middle of the Smithcliffs bay with unobstructed views of the ocean and occupies two ocean front lots!  One of the home's best selling points is the outdoor pool and

Jul 11

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Finding a home with a lot of land can be tricky in the beach communities in Southern California.  This is especially true for the city of Laguna Beach that is considered one of the most expensive beach towns.  The land in Laguna Beach is very expensive so that is why you will find most homes in Laguna Beach well under 1/4 acre of land.  If you are looking for a home with 2 acres or more you either have to pay a large sum of money or consider buying in the Laguna Canyon area of Laguna Beach.

The Laguna Canyon is an area on the outskirts of Laguna Beach where you will find homes on large lots for a fraction of the cost of other homes near the water in Laguna Beach.  A new home has just come on the market that features 2.8 acres of land with a 2,295 square