January 2012

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Jan 31

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If you are in the market for finding High End Listings In Laguna Beach CA then there are several locations where you should start your search.  Living in Laguna Beach is more about a lifestyle than anything else.  One of the joys of living in Laguna Beach is the well maintained gated communities throughout the city.  Luxury communities like Emerald Bay & Irvine Cove are the crown jewel of the city and some of the most desirable communities in all of Southern California.  What makes these communities so great?  Well, to start with you are living in a 24 hour guard gated community.  Emerald Bay & Irvine Cove are very strict with who they allow in to the community and casual tourists are not allowed into the community.  In fact, beach is access is completely

Jan 26

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If you live in Laguna Beach most likely you will love the Contemporary architectural design.  There is no better place in Southern California that you will find such a wide variety of luxury contemporary homes located in one place.  Artists and Architects alike love living in Laguna Beach for it's unique architectural designed homes and free spirit.  For those looking to purchase a contemporary home in Laguna Beach then a budget may be a factor.  Laguna Beach is known as one of the most expensive coastal communities in the country so finding the best deal in today's economy is really important.  Short Sales are becoming a new way to find the best priced homes here by the beach.  A short sale listing is where the current homeowners owes more to the mortgage…
Jan 24

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As one of the most expensive real estate markets in the country, Laguna Beach is known for it's multi million dollars homes.  In fact, you will find 19 homes listed for sale between $10 to $20 million dollars, 1 home listed between $20 to $30 million dollars and two homes listed for more than $30 million dollars.  What makes these homes so expensive?  Location plays a big part of the asking price.  Homes located on the ocean front will always command a premium in price and some of the more expensive gated community will have a premium price for living inside it's community.  A good example of this is a new Laguna Beach home that just came on the market that is situated on two beach front lots in Emerald Bay, a rare opportunity in the exclusive community. 

Jan 23

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We all love looking at homes with dramatic ocean views here in Laguna Beach, California.  Many of the current homes for sale do offer a view of the ocean in all different price ranges.  We occasionally come across homes that offer a multiple of views ranging from ocean and coastline views.  We were searching our database this morning and found a new home that just came on the market that features ocean, whitewater and coastline views with a price of $1,100,000.  The home also features views of Catalina Island which have been great with the dramatic sunsets we have been having in the last 30 days.  If you are looking for a view home then may want to consider the Mystic Hills and Temple Hills area of Laguna Beach.  Homes located in these neighborhoods have…
Jan 22

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One of the more popular architectural styles in Laguna Beach is the contemporary design.  Contemporary homes blend well with the Laguna Beach lifestyle and exemplify the clean and minimal lifestyle.  If you are looking for brand new construction contemporary homes then Laguna Beach is the perfect place to start.  While searching our database for new listings to come on the market in Laguna Beach we found this new listing in the Temple Hills neighborhood in the Laguna Village that was built in 2011 and features wonderful ocean views with a sleek contemporary design.  When planning your budget for a contemporary home in Laguna Beach plan to spend around $2 million dollars.  Contemporary homes designed by famous architects like Mark Singer will also command

Jan 17

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We love looking at historic homes, especially here in Laguna Beach, California!  Laguna Beach is home to a wide range of historic properties ranging from small cottage style homes to larger Mediterranean style homes.  Historic homes are typically built in the 1920's and 30's with great charm and personality.  We do sometimes see homes built in the 1940's and 50's that are no being considered "historic homes" as many of the mid-century modern homes are built in a classic style.  Laguna Beach is a quaint little beach town and was filled with many beautiful historic homes by the 1930's.  Now, you will find a large number of these homes offered for sale which gives buyers a wide range of choices when home shopping for a historical home.  Home will range from

Jan 11

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Many have asked if 2012 is a good time to buy a house in Laguna Beach.  As real estate inventory in Laguna Beach is reaching record lows the supply and demand for real estate is reaching a new high.  What does this mean for real estate prices?  Our experts don't believe that we will see an increase in pricing for 2012 but a very competitive market for prime properties priced at market value and offering ocean views or located on the ocean front.  We are currently seeing multiple buyers bidding one single properties especially in the short sale arena.  Short Sales are becoming the dominant way to seize a great deal in Laguna Beach but there are good and bad points about doing a short sale.  If you are patient and you act quickly when you see a good deal

Jan 4

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Many dream of owning a home in Laguna Beach, California and one of the most popular architectural styles is the cottage style.  Cottage style homes seem to encapsulate the essence of the Laguna Beach lifestyle with lots of charm and personality, just like the residents of Laguna Beach!  If you are familiar with the Laguna Beach landscape then you know that these small cottages are spread throughout the city.  The highest concentration of these cottage style homes will be in the heart of town in the Laguna Village.  You will also find these unique homes in the North and South Laguna area.  If you are looking for a hidden gem on an area in Laguna then you may want to venture into the Upper Victoria Beach area.  Victoria Beach is located on the south side of

Jan 3

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What a difference a couple years makes in the Laguna Beach Real Estate market!  What will happen in 2012 is up in the air but with sales up 19% last year many speculate that we have hit the bottom and the time to get the deals is now!  While this is still a buyers market many sellers are offering creative financing to help buyers make offers on their properties.  Sellers who own their homes free and clear have the luxury of offering seller carry backs for the first note position.  This is a huge selling point and buyers don't have to go through the traditional mortgage route in order to buy the home.  Seller Carry Backs are not new but are seen more in a down market.  We constantly watch the market here in Laguna and was excited to see a new ocean view