Laguna Beach Vacation Rental Demand Down in 2021

Posted by Sam Smith on Tuesday, June 22nd, 2021 at 11:30am.

What a difference a year makes when it comes to vacation rentals.  In 2020, we saw a huge demand for those looking for vacation rental properties in Laguna Beach that often found multiple clients bidding against each other and driving up the prices for specific vacation summer months.  At that time it seemed like everyone was tired of staying in their home and with travel limited through the United States many turned to vacation within their own state, often choosing a beach front home where they could stay in a luxury residence during the pandemic.  Fast forward to 2021 where a lot of Americans have been vaccinated and feel more comfortable traveling the demand to find local vacation rental properties has dropped.  It's really a night and day difference as last year we have continuous calls for those looking for vacation rentals during the high seasons months of June, July & August which are the most requested dates in Laguna Beach.  This year the number of calls coming into those looking for rentals has really dropped to the point that a lot of really great properties are still available for select months.  One exception to this is the month of July which many properties have already been booked up for several months is this is the #1 most requested months in Laguna Beach.

It's important to note that most rental properties in Laguna Beach are rented by the month.  We get a lot of calls for clients looking for a one or two week rental and we have to explain to them that owners rent out their places by the calendar month and normally not for anytime less.  There are a few select properties that are open to weekly rentals but the norm is to rent it out for the entire month.  Another thing renters make a mistake on is thinking that properties are listed for sale would also entertain a one month rental.  Most owners of properties that they are trying to sell do not like someone to rent their home which could cause damage or wear to the home and also hurt their chances of selling the home.  If the home is listed for sale assume it's not available for a short term lease unless you can find it listed as a rental.  Also, if you are flexible with your dates this will help out a lot since July is always the first to book so if you are open to a June or August rental then that will increase your chances of finding a great rental.  Laguna Beach is a really great place to come visit and we look forward to assisting you in any way capacity.

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