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Jan 4

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Many dream of owning a home in Laguna Beach, California and one of the most popular architectural styles is the cottage style.  Cottage style homes seem to encapsulate the essence of the Laguna Beach lifestyle with lots of charm and personality, just like the residents of Laguna Beach!  If you are familiar with the Laguna Beach landscape then you know that these small cottages are spread throughout the city.  The highest concentration of these cottage style homes will be in the heart of town in the Laguna Village.  You will also find these unique homes in the North and South Laguna area.  If you are looking for a hidden gem on an area in Laguna then you may want to venture into the Upper Victoria Beach area.  Victoria Beach is located on the south side of

Jul 29

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It seems like everyone is looking for a deal with bargain hunters looking for those properties where the sellers are motivated to sell.   Properties listed as short sales, are distressed sales where the owner needs to sell within a short period of time.  These can be priced very well and identifying those properties that need a sell quickly is the key.  A newly listed short sale listing has come on the market that is priced for a quick sale.  The home is located in the Laguna Village area of Laguna Beach and offers two homes on one lot for $1,350,000!  The Laguna Village area is a great place to find Bungalow, Craftsman and Carriage House style homes in the downtown Laguna Beach area.  The Schools are top notch with the Laguna Beach High School located

Jul 9

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In June 2011 we saw 25 properties close escrow from the periods of June 1, 2001 to June 30, 2011.  The lower Price homes ranged from $500,000 for a two bedroom/two bath condo located on Cliff Drive and $659,000 detached one bedroom single family home located on "Glenneyre" street.  The biggest sale we saw in June 2011 was an ocean view home located at 114 La Senda Drive in the gated community of Three Arch Bay in Laguna Beach.  The home featured four bedrooms, seven baths and over 4,200 square feet of living space according to the MLS Listing.  It was built in the Italian Villa style in 2006 and featured a large pool and great use of stone throughout the house.  Currently there are 406 homes on the market in Laguna Beach with 72 homes currently in backup…
Jul 8

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From time to time we see properties come on the market in the Laguna Canyon area of Laguna Beach that had various kind of zoning regulations.  The normal regulations in most parts of Laguna Beach you will find is R1 which stands for a one family residential home.  R2, R3 & R4 housing can also be found in Laguna Beach which allows for duplex, triplex and fourplex properties respectively.  A newly listed homein the Laguna Canyon area has been listed with a M1A Zoning which allows for light industrial and some commercial uses of the property.  Listed as a short sale, these homes are sold "as-is" where the seller is not obligated to fix any problems that may exist with the property.  If you are looking for a property in Laguna Beach that allows you to do more…
Jun 20

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One of the most common requests we get from Laguna Beach buyers is the combination of features including hardwood flooring and vaulted ceilings.  The good news is that Laguna Beach is rich in history and has many homes that fit this criteria.  A newly listed Laguna Beach cottage has come on the market that combines both of these features and much more here in Laguna Beach, California.  Laguna Beach Cottages currently start at $590,000 and will be your basic two bedroom and one bath.  Price will always depend on location first in Laguna Beach, the closer you are to the ocean the higher the price.  Of course, size of the home and views are also a determining factor in the overall market value of the home.  The first place we recommend when looking for Laguna…
Jun 10

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If you have been following the Laguna Beach real estate market you know that finding a nice home under $600,000 can be a challenge in today's marketplace.   A newly listed Laguna Beach cottage has just come on the market for $590,000 in the Laguna Canyon area.  The home comes complete with two bedroom and a one car garage.  If you are like most Laguna Beach homes buyers looking for a deal, finding a well suited home in the $500,000 is a difficult task.  As the market continues to change and more short sale properties come on the market we are starting to see more opportunities in the current Laguna Beach real estate market.  Our recommendation is to consult with your local Laguna Beach realtor who can advise you on new listings that come on the market. …
Jun 9

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One of the interesting parts about doing short sales is when you are dealing with a multi-unit building.  Short Sales are pretty straight forward when you are dealing with an owner occupied who is unable to afford their monthly mortgage and asking the bank to forgive the difference on what they owe and what they can get from a buyer.  When dealing with a multi-unit building like a duplex then you also have to factor in the current tenancy and/or any lease agreements that may be attached to the house.  Also, if the owner is still collecting rent it could be a conflict of interest if he/she is trying to show adequate hardship to the bank. Although, these conditions are just hypothetical and don't apply to every property for sale, the fact is that you should…
Apr 18

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With 60 short sale listings on the market right now in Laguna Beach, California we are seeing a huge increase in the number of short sale homes on the market.  What is a short sale?  Well, a short sale is where a homeowner is in distress and can no longer afford their mortgage payments.  The property has not gone into foreclosure but typically mortgage payments have been missed and foreclosure can be just months away.  The homeowner decides to put their home on the market to short pay the bank the difference in amount owed to the bank and the price a buyer is willing to offer on their home.  A good short sale agent will prepare all short sale documents and negotiate with the bank to have the difference forgiven.  Keep in mind that short sales can take a