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Apr 20

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The North Laguna area of Laguna Beach has many ocean front homes and neighborhoods to choose from. North Laguna has traditionally been a bid draw for residents who live here due to the large upscale homes that reside along the coastline. Some of the largest and most expensive neighborhoods are also located here which include Smithcliffs, Irvine Cove and Emerald Bay. When looking for an ocean front property it’s important to keep these things in mind.

First, do you want to live in a gated community? This is one of the first questions we ask clients when they start their real estate search in Laguna. If the answer is yes, then this narrows the search down tremendously since there are only a few gated communities that exist in Laguna Beach. In South

Dec 31

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The Laguna Beach Real Estate market was in full swing in 2014 as home sales continued to rise and the luxury home market saw some really big sales this year.  The most expensive sale was located at 2675 Riviera Dr which is located in the plush Irvine Cove gated community.  The oceanfront estate located on the bluff front on Abalone Point sold for a record $23.6 million on 6/16/2014.  The home featured four bedrooms, five baths and 11,722 square feet of three different levels.  This was one of many homes that came on the market in the Abalone Point area with one neighboring home marketed for as high as $65 million.

Most Expensive Home Sale in Laguna Beach, California for 2014

The second highest price home sale was located at 176 Emerald Bay which sold for $15,075,000 on 9/22/2014.  This is just shy of last years

Aug 20

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Emerald Bay is one of the top communities here in Laguna Beach and offers a wide range of community amenities for it's residents.  Situated in the north section of Laguna Beach on a private beach is the exclusive community known as "Emerald Bay" that is home to approximately 500 homes.  This is a gated community that only allow access to those who live here and their guests.  Many ask about visiting the beach at Emerald Bay but there is not public access to this beach and the only way to gain access is by boat if you don't live in the community.  The video here explains some of the community amenities found in Emerald Bay.

For starters, Emerald Bay offers a 24 hour guard gate that creates a safe and friendly environment for those who live there. 

Jan 22

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The Emerald Bay community in Laguna Beach is well known for it's large and beautiful homes that overlook the blue pacific with great ocean and sunset views.  Rarely do we see beach front homes come on the market in the Emerald Bay since the community only has 14 properties that sit directly on the beach.  The rest of the property are either located in the hills looking down at the ocean and sandy beach or located on the majestic cliff with views of Emerald Bay and Irvine Cove.

An amazing and rare home hast just come on the market that offers beach front living in the gated community of Emerald Bay in North Laguna Beach, California.  The property located at 102 Emerald Bay is on the market for sale for a cool $29,995,000 and offers a rare opportunity to

Aug 21

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Emerald Bay in Laguna Beach is a large community of over 300 homes with a large majority of them offering views of the ocean and the Emerald Bay beach.  There is a small selection of homes in the Emerald Bay community that offer views of the Irvine Cove community looking north.   These homes are located on the north side (left hand side) of the ridge as pictured below.

North Ridge of Emerald Bay Community in Laguna Beach, CA


When the the Emerald Bay community was first developed the homes located on the north ridge of the community had homes located on both sides of the ridge.  The Emerald Bay street raps around the ridge so depending on which side of the street you live on will determine if you have views of Emerald Bay or Irvine Cove.  Approximately 17 homes offer such a view of the Irvine Cove

May 16

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The Emerald Bay community in Laguna Beach is going through a construction boom as real estate prices are starting to move upwards and the demand for these homes is growing.  There are several new construction homes currently being built in various parts of the community as we have seen record breaking prices for homes sold in this community in the last 12 months.

Emerald Bay New Construction Homes | Laguna Beach, CA


This week a new listing just came on the market in the Emerald Bay community for a record $38 million.  The highest priced home in Emerald Bay.  The home is located 156 Emerald Bay and just down the street from a home at 168 Emerald Bay that sold for $16 million last summer.  What makes this home so unique and that much more expensive is the direct steps down to the beach with it's own

Jul 31

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One of the most sought after communities in Laguna Beach is the Emerald Bay community in North Laguna Beach.  Known as one of the most family friendly communities in all of Orange County, Emerald Bay offers the tight security of a 24 hour guard gate as well as many outdoor activities available for it's residents.  If you have kids you will love the organized events throughout the summer designed just for kids.  In addition, you will find numerous tennis courts, swimming pool & team as well as beach volleyball.  Home prices currently range from $2,229,000 for a fixer upper home in the community and go as high as $35 Million.  If you are looking for an entry level home into this community finding a home that you can fix up and make your own may be your best

Jul 24

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Laguna Beach estate homes are can be found in many different areas of Laguna Beach but if you are in the market for a luxury estate home in a gated community we recommend the following neighborhoods: Three Arch Bay, Emerald Bay & Irvine Cove. 

First, Three Arch Bay is a great place to start.  The community is located in the South Laguna area and features homes located on both the east & west side the freeway.  Commonly referred to as "lower" and "upper" Three Arch Bay with various price ranges depending on the size and view, proximity to the beach and the views.  The inventory of homes is really low in the Lower Three Arch Bay, especially for four bedroom plus ocean view properties.  The great thing about Three Arch Bay is the easy walk down to the

May 29

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We just got a Trulia.com notice today from a listing agent who represents a home in the Emerald Bay Laguna Beach gated community in Laguna Beach, California.  The ocean view home was recently dropped in price from $2,790,000 to $2,375,000 and represents the lowest price in the Emerald Bay community.  If you are in the market to buy a home in a gated community and have a budget of $2.4 million dollars or less there are currently three homes on the market for sale.  Two of the properties are located in Emerald Bay and one located in the Three Arch Bay community in South Laguna listed for sale for $1,595,000.  Gated communities along the coast consist of Three Arch Bay, Lagunita, Montage, Emerald Bay, Smithcliffs and Irvine Cove.  In the last 12 months we

Apr 17

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Everyone today is looking for the best deal when shopping for a home. Many out of state buyers who visit to California are often shocked by the real estate prices in comparison to the amount of land and home they are able to purchase. For those car enthusiasts, finding a home that has more than a four car garage can be tough and an expensive endeavor. This is especially true for beach properties in Laguna Beach. Since the topography of Laguna Beach is very limited to the amount of land that an individual home will sit on commands a premium price and ultimately the garage space gets over run by living square footage of the home. If you are looking for a home with at least a four car garage you will be surprised to learn that we found sixteen homes