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May 11

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Buying a home in Laguna Beach most of the time comes with owning a home on a small parcel on land.  Land in Southern California is very scarce and typically very expensive, especially in beach communities like Laguna Beach.  For those looking for larger pieces of land the idea of buying a home on a double lot may appeal to those who can afford it.  A double lot is basically two parcels of land in any particular neighborhood that have been combined but only have one house that occupies both lots.  Here is a brief description of the six double lot homes currently for sale in Laguna Beach.

One of the most popular spots to find these types of homes is in the Arch Beach Heights neighborhood.  Currently, there are 6 properties in this neighborhood that are

Jun 26

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One of the most sought after neighborhoods in the Laguna Beach area is the community known as "Arch Beach Heights."  One of the main reasons why this community is in such high demand is for the amazing ocean views and the relatively low prices you will find in Laguna Beach.  Keep in mind when we say "low prices" we are already acclimated to the higher prices you will find by the beach in California and home buyers from other parts of the country would not consider these as "low prices."  Currently, prices range in Arch Beach Heights from just under $700,000 as go as high as $3 million dollars with all homes listed as standard sales with no short sale listings.  A lot of the price difference is based on the degree of the ocean view and the size of the

Feb 28

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Laguna Beach home buyers are looking for various things when looking for a home in Laguna Beach, California. One of the more common requests we get is for a home with an ocean view that has a grassy backyard for pets and children to play. Often time this request allow comes for homes listed under $700,000 which can be a challenge with the below normal inventory and the number of homes that have both a grassy backyard and an ocean view in this price point. On Sunday, we were showing a buyer an ocean view home located in the Arch Beach Heights area of Laguna Beach. This bank owned home has ocean views from all three levels of the home as well a grassy backyard on the lower level. The top level is the main living & dining room that is an open concept…
Sep 10

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Selling a home through an online real estate auction has become one of the trendy things to do to sell luxury homes in today's real estate market.  There have been many successful auctions in the Southern California area with a recent $7.5 million dollar property selling in the Strand at Headlands last year.  The bids typically start at a very low price which cause a lot of interest for luxury home buyers looking for a great deal.  A Beachfront home in Dana Point just announced this week that it was going to be sold at auction with a starting bid of $3.9 million according to Concierge Auctions.  In Laguna Beach, you will find a couple homes coming up for auction in the Arch Beach Heights and the Mystic Hills area according to auction.com.  1255 Pacific…
Sep 6

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If you are familiar with the Laguna Beach real estate marketplace then you know that Laguna Beach has many great park areas to children to play and relax.  One of the more popular parks in Laguna Beach is Moulton Meadows Park in the Arch Beach Heights area of Laguna Beach, California.  Moulton Meadows Park is a great combination of the natural hills setting in Laguna Beach with soccer fields, tennis courts, large play area for children and many hiking trails that start from the park area.  This is one of the perks of living next to this open park space area in Arch Beach Heights which is known for it's close community feel and stunning ocean view properties.  If you are looking for a home located near Moulton Meadows Park then you may be interested in…
Aug 6

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One of the best aspects of Laguna Beach Real Estate is the many architectural styles that can be found throughout the city.  By far, Contemporary architectural design is best displayed in Laguna Beach, California.  No other place in the country can you find an abundance of multi million dollar luxury Contemporary Estate homes with many of them having great views of the pacific ocean and Catalina island.  Arch Beach Heights is an area perched high on one of the hills here in Laguna Beach with unobstructed ocean view estate homes.  You may be interested to see a newly listed Contemporary home in the Arch Beach Heights that is currently listed for under $1,000,000 as a short sale!  If you are looking to purchase a home in Laguna Beach and love Contemporary

Jul 19

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With just a handful of bank owned and foreclosure properties on the market, finding a good deal that is a bank foreclosure is something that takes time and patience.  A newly listed bank owned home has come on the market in Laguna Beach that boasts incredible ocean and coastline views in the popular Arch Beach Heights community in Laguna Beach, California.  Arch Beach Heights is a great area in the Laguna Village area in Laguna Beach that has great ocean view homes set against the hillside.  Be prepared that many of the homes are located very close to each other and getting to know your neighbors if something you do when you live in Arch Beach Heights.  The community has a large park area which is ideal for kids and pets to play as well as multiple tennis…
May 8

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An ocean view home in the Arch Beach Heights community in Laguna Beach, California for $1,199,000.  Arch Beach Heights is located in the Laguna Village area of Laguna Beach.  Perched at the top of the hills, Arch Beach Heights homes are well known for their ocean view properties.  You will also find a good mixture of contemporary and modern style home in Arch Beach Heights.  Currently there are nine properties for sale ranging from $725,000 to $1,285,000 with two homes listed as short sales for $799,000 and $725,000 respectively.  If you are looking for an ocean view property in Laguna Beach for under $1 million dollars then Arch Beach Heights is a great place to start.  The views are dramatic while maintaining close proximity to the beach.  For more…
Apr 11

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A newly listed short sale listing in the Arch Beach Heights area has just come on the market.  Arch Beach Heights is a great community here in Laguna Beach with craftsman style homes with ocean and canyon views.  We are starting to see more and more short sale homes come on the market in Laguna Beach.  If you are looking for a well priced Laguna Beach home then keeping an eye on the newly listed short sale listings will be the key to finding a good deal.  We constantly watch the market daily for new short sale listings and notify our clients of properties we believe to be good deals.  The inventory of Laguna Beach homes for sale is low so buyers are acting very quickly when new short sale homes come up for sale.  If you are thinking about buying a home in…