Luxury Oceanfront Short Sale Homes in California

Posted by Sam Smith on Tuesday, February 7th, 2012 at 8:29am.

When considering buying a ocean front short sale you have many choices in Southern California.  The south part of California yields some of the best places to buy ocean front homes from the San Diego beaches of La Jolla to the cliffs in Malibu, ocean front homes are plentiful.  If you are looking for a special place to live and considering the Orange County area there is no better place to find an ocean front short sale then Laguna Beach.  Home to one of the largest collection of oceanfront homes in all various price ranges.  Many of these ocean front homes are in small carved out streets that provide direct access to the beach.  Areas like Lagunita and Woods Cove are perfect examples of locations in Laguna Beach that provide beach living at it's best.  Currently, there are 43 short sale listings on the market in Laguna Beach.  Short Sales along the coast provide a unique opportunity for buyers looking to maximize their purchase along the beach.  If you are in the market make sure you understand the California laws in pertaining to short sales as they differ from state to state.  California Law allows you to make an offer on a short sale listing without putting any money into an escrow account.  There are also many other laws that you should know before buying a short sale so make sure you connect with a local expert that understands the short sale regulations.  2012 is a great year to buy a home with record low prices and interest rates.  Feel free to consult any of our local realtors for more information on short sales and Laguna Beach Real Estate.

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