Laguna Beach Weekly Vacation Rental Rules

Posted by Sam Smith on Wednesday, June 25th, 2014 at 5:51am.

For those interested in purchasing a property in the Laguna Beach area for vacation rentals it's important to understand the steps that are involved in preparing your home for a weekly rental.  First, not all homes and neighborhoods are designated for weekly rentals.  The city has a great service where you can call in the address of the Laguna Beach home and they can tell you if they home qualifies.  There are many factors that goes into this qualification process but mainly deals with the density of homes in the area and if it conducive for weekly rentals based on room for parking, noise factors, etc. 

Once you have learned that the property is zoned for short term rentals the next step would be to submit an application to get a permit.  The application costs $275.00 and can be found under the link that says "application" at  Once the application has been sent to the city then a letter is then written to the surrounding homes within 300 feet of the property.  This is to notify them of your interest in doing weekly rentals and to see if there is any objection.  After 2 weeks if there is no objection then the permit moves forward.  If there is any objection then the city of Laguna Beach deals with these concerns before any permits will be granted.

Once permitted from the city of Laguna Beach then you will be able to do weekly rentals.  Keep in mind that there is a Transient Occupancy Tax of 10% plus a 2% Business Improvement District Assessment that is applied for any rent received for a rental 30 days or less on your property.  This is paid on a quarterly basis by either the owner of the property or the property management company that is handling the rental of the home.  For additional questions regarding doing weekly rentals in Laguna Beach please contact the city planning department at 949-497-3311.

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