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Posted by Sam Smith on Thursday, November 21st, 2019 at 2:41pm.

We were just contacted by a client who is looking for off market condos in the Laguna Beach area.  Her main criteria is that she wanted a condo with spectacular views with a lot of building amenities.  Right now is considered our off season as many owners have decided to take their home off the market for the holidays.  Our typical selling season starts right after the first of the year and continues through the end of September.  The months of October, November and December are normally slower even through homes continue to sell just at a slower pace.  Even though a lot of owners take their home off the market for the holidays doesn't mean that they don't want to sell anymore.  A good real estate agent will have access to these properties and be able to advise on which owners are still willing to sell.

Another great option to consider when looking for off market homes is to do a little research of homes that were on the market in the last couple of years and failed to sell for one reason or another.  As long as they homes haven't come back on the market or sold in a private sale it would be prudent to reach out to these owners to see if they are still willing to sell their home.  These are typically called expired or cancelled listings which means they were on the market at one time but the listing was either cancelled or the time frame on the listing contract between the owner and real estate broker had expired and was automatically taken off the market per our MLS rules.  if you are looking for something specific and don't see any homes that fit that criteria please reach out to us.  We may be able to locate the perfect off market property for you.

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