Laguna Beach Ocean View Homes Where Seller May Carry

Posted by Sam Smith on Saturday, July 16th, 2011 at 12:53pm.

The real estate market in Laguna Beach has changed and we are starting to see more and more Laguna Beach home owners that are now open to carry back part of the note when purchasing a home in Laguna Beach.  Seller carry backs are not a new idea but have taken a back seat with the market was red hot.  Now with the market cool down, the idea of a seller doing a seller carry back has come back into fashion.  Keep in mind, each property is different and the amount that the seller is willing to carry back depends on a variety of things.  First, how much does the owner owe on the property?  If the property is owed free and clear then the seller has the potential to carry back the entire purchase amount if so desired.  If the sellers owes a certain amount on his mortgage, they payment would have to be paid off in order to do the seller carry back.  You will sometimes find a seller that is willing to keep the existing first mortgage and do a wrap around seller carry back this is basically a new loan wrapped around an existing loan.  If you have been thinking about buying a home in Laguna Beach but did not want to get a traditional loan then seller carry backs may be the perfect situation for you.  A newly listed Laguna Beach Ocean view home in the North Laguna area just came on the market where the seller may carry back part of the purchase.  If you would like additional information on seller carry backs and the Laguna Beach Real Estate market please contact us today at 949-355-1622.  We know the Laguna Beach market very well and will assist you in helping you find a property that works for you both emotionally and financially.


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