Laguna Beach Homes With Beach Frontage

Posted by Sam Smith on Thursday, July 21st, 2022 at 8:19pm.

The typography of Laguna Beach is really interesting as it arguably offers more ocean view properties due to it's rolling hillsides that overlook the Pacific Ocean.  When it comes to properties located on the ocean front there are many properties that are located high on a cliff that overlook the ocean but very few homes that are actually located on the sandy beach.  Neighboring towns like Dana Point and Newport Beach do have many properties located on the sand but finding one in Laguna Beach can be really tough.  There are a couple exceptions to this and the homes that are located on the sand are truly spectacular.

The first place to look is the Thousands Steps Beach area in the South Laguna area of Laguna Beach.  The area gets its name since there are approximately 1000 steps that lead down to the beach from Pacific Coast Highway.  I've walked down these steps many times and going down is the easy part, it's coming back up at the end of the day which truly can be a challenge.  There is a property located at 31955 Coast that offers 3 structures with a main house located right off Coast highway and then another property located on the sand.  Of course, you would not be expected to go down those 1000 steps to get to your beach house so a private elevator takes you down all of the way in style.  I have taken this elevator down before and it's truly an experience that such an elevator could take you down this steep hillside.  The property actually features 3 continuous lots with 72 feet of beach frontage which is truly unique for the area.  It's currently listed at $8,995,000.

Another place to look is the Emerald Bay community in North Laguna area of Laguna Beach.  This is arguably one of the most desirable gated communities along the coast in all of Southern California with some of the most expensive real estate and amazing ocean front and ocean view properties.  The large majority of homes here will be located on the hillside that overlook the ocean with a few select properties that offer unique beach frontage.  A perfect example of this is 66 Emerald Bay which is currently listed for $48,995,000 which they have already accepted an offer on it and it's currently in-escrow.  It's a beautiful new construction home built in the Contemporary architectural style with stunning attention to detail.  If you are in the market to find a true beach front home in Laguna Beach it can be found but prepare to pay a premium in price.  For more affordable options you can always visit the beach towns of Dana Point, Newport Beach and Huntington Beach as well.

66 Emerald Bay, Laguna Beach

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