Laguna Beach Homes With A Roof Top Deck

Posted by Sam Smith on Thursday, October 17th, 2019 at 3:21pm.

Laguna Beach offers a wide range of homes with various amenities that capture views of the Pacific Ocean.  One of the more requested amenities would be homes that offer a roof top deck.  For the most part we don't see a lot of homes that offer a roof top deck for a variety of reasons.  The first reason would be that views in Laguna Beach are protected so by adding an additional level on top of the house to build a roof top deck may block a neighbors view.  Laguna Beach also has height restrictions when building a home so adding a roof top deck will count towards the total height allowance.  

Some of the best places to look for homes with rooftop decks are more established neighborhoods that have space between the neighboring homes in order to accomodate a deck without any objections.  Neighborhoods like Upper Victoria Beach, Temple Hills and the South Laguna Village community are excellent places to find these types of homes.  We also see some homes located in the downtown Village area that offer smaller roof top decks that have been grandfathered in with the city building regulations.  The most important thing when buying a home with a roof top deck in Laguna Beach is to make sure all permits are current and up to date.  Some of the older homes in the city were built in ways that would not be up to current building standards so It's important to check out everything before making a purchase.  If you have any questions regarding buying a home in Laguna Beach please call our local Real Estate agents at 949-355-1622.

Laguna Beach Rooftop Deck Home

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