Laguna Beach Emerald Bay Homes For Sale Under $3 Million

Posted by Sam Smith on Tuesday, March 6th, 2012 at 7:55pm.

Laguna Beach Emerald Bay Homes have always had a reputation for being expensive with entry level homes starting above the $3 million price point even in a down economy.  If you are looking to live in the most exclusive gated community then Emerald Bay should be the community to look for homes.  Homes prices in the community go all the way up to $35 Million with stunning ocean front mega mansions priced right around $20 million for this prime North Laguna location.  For those looking for a smaller priced homes in Emerald Bay you may be interested in a new traditional style ocean view home that just came on the market for just under $2.7 million.  The Laguna Beach housing inventory is extremely low right now and is at it's lowest point since 2005 so keep this in mind when looking for a home.  We expect more homes to come on the market in the spring and summer time so being patient for the right home is the key.  Many are flocking to the Southern California market right now since many media outlets are reporting that the bottom of the market has passed and there is a small window of opportunity to grab the few remaining good deals that are still on the market.  If you are looking in investing in real estate then make sure act in the first two quarters in 2012 to secure the best deals in Laguna Beach.  Make sure you also consult with a local agent than can guide you in the right direction.  This will save you time and money and help the home buying process a much smoother experience.

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