Laguna Beach Cottages For Sale Under $850,000

Posted by Sam Smith on Tuesday, June 19th, 2012 at 1:27pm.

The Laguna Beach Real Estate market is heating up and prices are starting to increase!  This is good news for home owners in the Laguna Beach area as record low inventory of homes is spurring the market forward.  This is a good and bad for buyers who have been thinking about getting back into the real estate market.  The good news is that this is a sure fire sign that now is the time to buy before prices escalate even more as the Laguna Beach market has always been in high demand.  The bad news is there is little to no homes on the market for buyers to choose from causing a multiple bidding situation amongst buyers when new listings come on the market.  We had a client request a 3 bedroom single family home in the South Laguna, Laguna Village and North Laguna areas under $850,000 and only one properties is available for sale!  The property that is available is a cute Laguna Beach Cottage historic home built in 1936 that just came on the market yesterday for $849,000 in the South Laguna Village area with ocean views!  The home is located on 2nd Ave and just a couple blocks to the sandy beach and the Table Rock area.  We will watch to see how long this home will last on the market but our best estimate is that it will sell within the first week on the market with multiple bids.  If you have been thinking about making a move to the beach we really can't recommend a better time than now.  Interest rates are at record lows and should continue through the end of the year due to this being an election year.  The problem you will have is finding a home that will suit your needs and does not have any offers on it.  We recommend consulting with a local Laguna Beach Realtor who can notify you when new properties come up that fit your price range.

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