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Posted by Sam Smith on Wednesday, August 26th, 2020 at 3:36pm.

One of the newest features added to our MLS is being able to view coming soon listings.  These properties are technically not active on the market and are in the pre-marketing stage of being put on the market.  The coming soon feature was added so agents can get there home available to other real estate agents and potential clients while they are getting their professional photos and other marketing materials together.  The advantage of doing it this way for agents is that the days on the market will not start counting until it's officially switches to active.  If you have been familiar with real estate for awhile these were commonly known as pocket listings where real estate agents would only share these potential properties to clients they are currently working with.  This new system is a lot more transparent and allows everyone to see what will be coming on the market soon.

There are several rules involved when putting a home as a coming soon listing.  The biggest thing is that the real estate agent is not allowed to show the home during the time it's listed as a coming soon listing.  They are still able to talk to clients about the property and receive offers on it but can't show the home until it changes to active status.  The distribution to large brand name real estate websites may be limited so full consumer access across the internet may not be fully realized until the home goes on as active status.  Real Estate agents still offer compensation to other real estate agents in the coming soon listings which is good for local agents.  Our MLS data licensing just approved these listings to be showcased on our real estate website earlier this month so everyone has the opportunity to see these up and coming listings.  For more information on these homes please contact our local Laguna Beach Real Estate agents at 949-355-1622.

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Dawn Serbin wrote: I am interested in buying, but want to rent for the 3 months of June, July & August first. Please consider me...I have been renting the past 25 summers on Victoria Beach and know most of the home owners. I can be reached on my cell phone @ (602) 290-5533..Thank You

Posted on Wednesday, April 21st, 2021 at 3:44am.

Wendy Kersh wrote: HI Dawn, Thank you for your note. I'll give you a call this morning to review.

Posted on Wednesday, April 21st, 2021 at 7:57am.

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