Laguna Beach CA Homes For Sale With Assumable Loans

Posted by Sam Smith on Saturday, September 17th, 2011 at 12:33pm.

A lot of Laguna Beach seller's are now looking to be creative when selling their beach home in Laguna Beach, California.  We have seen the trend of seller's offering lease options where the buyer rents for a temporary period and then has the "option" to buy the home at a later date.  Another creative finance technique is buying a home with assumable loans.  This allows for the buyer to assume the seller's existing mortgage at the interest rate that exists when the owner locked in the mortgage.  Buying a home with an assumable loan is a creative way to buy a house in today's real estate market.  We found two properties that have assumable loans with restrictions in the Victoria Beach and Terraces Laguna Beach community.  468 Ashton Drive is an ocean view home in the Victoria Beach community and 121 Santa Rosa Ct in the Terraces Laguna Beach community both offer loans the are assumable (with restrictions).   If you are an active home buyer looking for creative financing deals we can help you!  Please contact us today at 949-355-1622 to learn more about how to buy a home in Laguna Beach using various creative techniques. 

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