Laguna Beach "C" Rated Historic Homes

Posted by Sam Smith on Thursday, February 5th, 2015 at 7:55am.

Laguna Beach is home to many historic homes that have many different designations.  The various categories were constructed by the City of Laguna Beach historic registry to show the historical significance of the home.  The ratings include e, k and c categories.  The first category is the "e" rating which stands for a property in Laguna Beach that is in excellent condition and very unique in it's architecture.  These are considered some of the best historic structures in Laguna Beach as the city places special attention on these homes to maintain the current condition and historic integrity.  The second rating is the "k" category which means the home is in a good condition and is consistent with the architectural style that the home was built under.  The final category is the "c" rating which means the home has a good historic integrity but is not unique to any particular architectural style. 

We get a lot of questions regarding older homes and if they are covered under the Mills Act.  The Mills Act requires an application process that normally takes 9 to 12 months and not all older homes will be accepted.  The committee looks at the property and any exterior and interior remodels that have happen over the years and see if it still maintains it's historic integrity.  The best way to but a historic home is to have the home already covered under the Mills Act.  We recommend you first look for homes that were built up to the end of the 1930's.  Often times, real estate agents will advertise a home is covered under the Mills Act is the property description since this is a big selling point.  If you find a property that you think may be covered please contact us and we will do the research to see if it's included in the Mills Act program.  If it's covered then the buyer will enjoy a significant tax savings.  For more information on buying a historic home please call us at 949-355-1622.

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