How To Market Your Laguna Beach Home For Sale

Posted by Sam Smith on Friday, June 17th, 2011 at 4:35pm.

A lot of sellers ask us how to market their home for sale to get the very best price for their home.  With the changing real estate market it is always important to be two steps ahead of the current trends in the Laguna Beach Real Estate market.  First, we always express to seller's that you want to have as many eyeballs looking at your home as possible.  You don't know where you buyer will come from and a lot of international buyers from Australia are now coming to the US since the Australian dollar is so strong.  Understanding how to market your home beyond the local Laguna Beach market is crucial to sell a home for top dollar.  Days of print advertising are long gone as most home buyers see your home first on the Internet even before they step inside your home.  Correct photography and maximum exposure of your home on the Internet is mandatory in today's real estate market.  Many realtors are trapped in the old way of doing things and don't understand the current trends in where buyers are coming for.  Work with a savvy internet real estate agent who call "sell" the Laguna Beach lifestyle is key to a successful transaction.  We provide free consultations of your home and will show you why we get results from our marketing.  Please call us at 949-355-1622 today.

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