Historic homes with curb appeal in Laguna Beach, California

Posted by Sam Smith on Monday, August 27th, 2012 at 10:53pm.

Laguna Beach is home to many historic residences as the city was one of the hot spots for vacationers as early back at the turn of the century. Since the city has many picturesque coastlines and secret coves and beaches, Laguna Beach has always been a destination city for those looking to relax and enjoy the views. Often times, vacation residences were built as small weekend retreat homes which were easier to maintain and often adequate for the mini vacation.

As Laguna Beach became more of a place of a permanent residence larger historic homes were built. Some of the best places to find these historic gems is the South Laguna, Laguna Village and North Laguna neighborhoods. Since land is at a premium in Laguna Beach doesn't expect to find a home located a larger parcel of land. Also, homes tend to be located close to each other so keep that in mind when shopping for a home in Laguna Beach.

Currently, there 127 number of homes for sale ranging from $699,000 to $24,000,000. Please contact us today to learn more about historic tax savings through the Mills Act.

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