Buying Houses Completely Furnished In Laguna Beach, CA

Posted by Sam Smith on Sunday, June 26th, 2011 at 6:24pm.

One of the best ways to buy a house in today's real estate market is to buy a home with all the furniture already in place.  Buying Houses Completely Furnished is a smart thing for real estate investors looking to buy and then rent out homes as vacation rentals.  Many times in a home purchase the furniture may be available for sale which will save you time and money if you already like what how the current owner has decorated the home.  We often see out of town buyers who also like the idea of being able to buy the furniture due to time restrictions and money.  A newly listed home in Upper Three Arch Bay neighborhood is available for sale with the option to buy the home completely furnished.    Here is a couple of things to remember when buying furniture with the sale.  One, remember that furniture often has emotional ties to the owner and because of that they often will feel like the items are worth more than what the buyer will think.   We always run into this problem when furniture is being negotiated with the sale.  Two, try to incorporate the total sales price to include all the furniture.  One of the best ways to buy homes completely furnished is to wrap everything into one price.  A lot of sellers will want to negotiate one price for the home and then one price for the furniture which may be a recipe for disaster.  If you can wrap everything into one price you save the problem of having the owner get hurt over the perceived value of the furniture.  Plus, if you are already give the seller a great price for his home there will be little to worry about when deciding on the value of the furniture.  Please keep in mind that the banks will sometimes not like to see furniture being included in sale of a short sale so having a separate agreement may be the only option.  Every real estate transaction is unique and we always recommend you work with a skilled real estate agent who can work out the very best deal for you 

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