The Best Laguna Beach Real Estate Photographers

Posted by Sam Smith on Tuesday, May 1st, 2018 at 1:33pm.

It's pretty common that most real estate agents don't like sharing who they like to use as a real estate photographer since they want to keep the best kept secret to themselves.  Real Estate is very competitive in Laguna Beach as in any other market that sells high end luxury homes.  Photography can give that extra competitive edge over another agent and allow them to get a listing.  This can result in the thousands of dollars so it's no wonder that real estate agents would not want to share this list.  

There is actually a good selection of quality real estate photographers in today's market so It's good to know what kind of photographer to use for an actual property.  Some photographers are very good at interior shots while other doing amazing exterior photography.  Some photographers also doing great aerial drone photography and video as well.  Consider this list to be the best of the best when it comes to photographers in the coastal Orange County area.  It's important to note that some of these photographers are very hard to get a hold of and only work for a few select agents and tend to be very expensive.

Andrew Bramasco is a great photographer and has shot for the McMongile group for many years.  I love the work that Andrew does as he has shot many ultra-exclusive homes in the Laguna Beach and Newport Coast area. Andrew does great interior shots and twighight photos as well.  A quick look at his website shows his wide range of skills beyond that of just shooting real estate.  One of the surprising skills that Andrew has developed is shooting real estate videos.  These are simply a true work of art and anyone looking for a photographer that can do both photos and videos should check out Andrews's work.  Below is a photo shot at the Top of the World community and a video shot for 11 Montage, Laguna Beach.  I think you will be impressed.  Video courtesy of Andrew Bramasco.

Andrew Barmasco Photography

Jon Encarnacion has become one of the leaders for high end photography in Orange County.  He has done extensive work with the McMonigle group as well as many other top agents in Orange County.  His extensive portfolio of real estate photography is very impressive with a variety of architectural significant properties along the Orange County coastline.  His views shots are simply stunning with crisp and clean photographs that give an emotional feeling of actually being there.  Jon also does very high quality aerial photography as well which can be seen on his personal website. 

Jon Encarnacion Photography

Danny Kim has a very unique skill of making any thing he shoots look like a million dollars.  I've known Danny for many years and he has some of the most crisp and clean interior photography of anyone on this list.  He works with many of the top real estate agents in Laguna Beach and all throughout Orange County.  I especially like his twilight interior shots as they really come to life and it's worth paying the extra money for these kind of photos.  Danny also does real estate flyers and annual calendars that feature all of the photography that an agent has done throughout the year.  It really makes it a one stop shop to really impress your clients.

Danny Kim Photography

Chris Snitko is also a high end photographer who also shots some of the most expensive real estate along the Orange County coastline.  The photo below was taken at 10 Coral Ridge in neighboring Newport Coast.  One of the things that really impress me about Chris is his use of lighting.  All his interior shots are perfectly lighted which shows the intimate details as well as good overall symmetry.  Some of his photography can be seen in some of the most exclusive properties in the coastal Orange County area.  Photo and video courtesy of Chris Snitko.

Chris Snitko Photography

Ryan Garvin is one skilled photographer who has shot many local properties like this one shot at 6400 W Oceanfront in Newport Beach.  I love his interior photography that truly captures the essence of the room with perfect lighting.  Ryan also does some of the best aerial photography I have seen.  His website showcases both his interior and aerial photographs that really show off his work.  Ryan is a local Orange County resident who works with many top producing agents here.  Photo courtesy of Ryan Garvin.

Ryan Garvin Photography

Robert Hansen is a great choice when looking for a local photographer who has a very long history of shooting many residential properties in the Orange County area.  What really impressed me about the Robert is how serious he takes his job and takes the extra time and patience to get the right shots.  Robert shot this home in the Shady Canyon community in Irvine at dusk and what impressed me is that he brought his own lighting to make sure the exterior of the home was perfectly lighted.  If you get a chance to visit his website you will see the long list of properties and agents that he has worked with and it's truly The Who's who of luxury agents here in Orange County. He's very personable and does really great work and comes highly recommend.

Robert Hansen Photography

One look at the large number of clients that Jeri Koegel has worked with on her website is very impressive.  Jeri has a long track record and beautiful photography from luxury residential homes to commercial spaces.  The picture below taken at 2525 Ocean Blvd in Corona Del Mar shows perfect lighting for both the interior and exterior views that really captures the essence of this condo.  Jeri's extensive archive of archived photography of recent project can be found on Jeri's website that truly is impressive.  I know many luxury agents that a truly loyal to Jeri and it's easy to see why.  Photo courtesy of Jeri Koegel.

Jeri Koegel Photography

If you are lucky enough to get Toby Ponnay to shoot for you consider yourself very lucky.  Toby seems to shoot exclusively with only the very top real estate agents in Orange County and there is good reason why.  His work is consider some of the best real estate photography I have ever seen.  His classic shot is when all the lights are turned on during dusk like the photo pictured below.  Whenever you see a shot like this that is very well done on a very expensive home in Orange County the odds are that Toby may have done the shot.  His interior photos are equally as stunning and could easily be used for any high end magazine for it's crisp and clear photographs that all look like they have come from an architectural digest feature article.  Photo courtesy of Toby Ponnay.

Toby Ponnay Photography

I am also a big fan of David Heath of Western Exposure. David does incredible work for some of the largest homes along the coast in Orange County.  I especially like his twilight photography that really captures the essence of the home like the photo featured below.  I personally think his sunset ocean shots are truly breathtaking and are among the very best on this list.  Western Exposure offers a wide range of services that include smaller properties, half day photography and full day photography as well.  Premium photography is taken over a 2 day process and includes a property website, twilight and aerial photos with high res and small size photos for the MLS.  I would not hesitate at all recommending Western Exposure for their super quality of work and attention to detail.  Photo and video courtesy of Western Exposure.

Western Exposure Photography

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