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Apr 23

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Top of the World is a great area in Laguna Beach when looking for an ocean view home.   A newly listed ocean view listing has just come on the market for $3,295,000 with panoramic ocean and catalina island views.  Currently, there are 17 homes for sale in the Top of the World area ranging from $725,000 to $3,295,000.  Four of the homes listed for sale are short sale listings ranging from $725,000 to $899,000.  If you are looking for an ocean view property here in Laguna Beach our local Laguna Beach realtors can show you many of the ocean view homes in Top of the World and other areas of Laguna.  Keep in mind that ocean view home pricing can range dramatically depending on location and views.  For more information about Laguna Beach Ocean View homes for

Apr 22

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We always have a lot of buyers asking us if there any real estate properties are for sale where you can find two homes located on one lot.  We rarely see this come on the market but a listing has just come on the market where you can buy two Laguna Beach cottages on one lot for $1,100,000.  It's also very rare to be located just blocks to the beach.  The property is located in the Woods Cove area of the Laguna Village here in Laguna Beach, California.  Woods Cove is known for it's beach close oceanfront and ocean view homes just south of the main Laguna Village area.  Currently there are 14 properties for sale in Woods Cove with prices ranging from $499,000 all the way up to $8 million dollars for an beautiful contemporary oceanfront property.  There is…
Apr 21

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A new Emerald Terrace ocean view home has come on the market for $1,899,000.  Emerald Terrace is located just east of the Pacific Coast Highway and situated near Crescent Bay and Emerald Bay communities.  This part of North Laguna is known for it's dramatic ocean view homes and ultra-exclusive luxury homes here in Laguna Beach.   Currently there are two homes for sale in Emerald Terrace ranging from $1,89,000 to $3,845,000.  Typically ocean view homes in the North Laguna area will start at around $1,250,000 and can go all the way up to as high as $24 million dollars.  If you are looking for a Laguna Beach Ocean View home then we recommend the North Laguna area for it's stunning ocean views and some of the best beaches in the world.  The high condensity of…
Apr 20

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An Emerald Bay Cape Cod Style Home has come on the market for $3,999,000.  The home is located on the east side of Pacific Coast Highway in the guard gated community of Emerald Bay.  Emerald Bay is home to two luxury communities split in half by the Pacific Coast Highway with a tunnel to connect the two parts.  Emerald Bay homes located on the east side of Highway 1 will typically have great views of the pacific ocean and coastline views.  Emerald Bay is one of the most sought after communities in Laguna Beach with home prices ranging from $2.6 to $24 million dollars.  Currently, there are 24 homes for sale in Emerald Bay with a wide selection of ocean view, oceanfront and sunset view homes.  If you are in the market to buy a luxury home in Laguna Beach,…
Apr 19

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A South Laguna Village Ocean View home has come on the market for $1,149,000 yesterday and features great ocean views within blocks to the beach.  The South Laguna Village area is one of Laguna Beaches best kept secret with quiant & charming beach cottages in the famous Laguna Village area.  Select South Laguna homes will have ocean views and one of the best part of the Laguna Village area is it's close proximity to the beach.  If you are looking for an ocean view home in the heart of Laguna Beach we highly recommend the South Laguna Village area.  For more information on the market here in Laguna Beach please contact Sam Smith at 949-355-1622 today.  Sam specializes in Laguna Beach Real Estate and looks forward to helping you find the perfect Laguna Beach…
Apr 19

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A Laguna Village Single Level home has just come on the market in Laguna Beach, California for $1,405,000.  Laguna Village is a great area in Laguna Beach that is within close walking distance to the main beach and the Laguna Village.  The Laguna Village is known for it's great shopping, art galleries and fine restaurants.  Most Laguna Beach home buyers that want to be in the hub & heart of Laguna Beach fall in love with the Laguna Village area.  The homes range from 1920's historic Laguna Beach cottages to modern new construction homes.  If you are looking for an ocean view home here in Laguna Beach then you will pay a premium in the Laguna Village area.  Most of the homes are located at sea level so most of the homes will have a small ocean view.  For…
Apr 18

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With 60 short sale listings on the market right now in Laguna Beach, California we are seeing a huge increase in the number of short sale homes on the market.  What is a short sale?  Well, a short sale is where a homeowner is in distress and can no longer afford their mortgage payments.  The property has not gone into foreclosure but typically mortgage payments have been missed and foreclosure can be just months away.  The homeowner decides to put their home on the market to short pay the bank the difference in amount owed to the bank and the price a buyer is willing to offer on their home.  A good short sale agent will prepare all short sale documents and negotiate with the bank to have the difference forgiven.  Keep in mind that short sales can take a

Apr 17

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A short sale listing in the Coast Royal area of Laguna Beach, California has just come on the market for $1,300,000.  Coast Royal is a great area in the South Laguna Area of Laguna Beach located just east of Aliso Beach Park with the majority of the homes having commanding views of the pacific ocean.  If you are looking for an area within Laguna Beach with different architectural styles and within walking distance to the beach then you will love the Coast Royal area.  A short sale is a great way to buy a home here in Laguna Beach and we are starting to see more and more short sale listings coming on the market.  This week we have seen fourteen new listings come on the market with three of them being short sale homes and one bank owned property.  For more…
Apr 16

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A Laguna Canyon Short Sale home came on the market yesterday and is listed for $550,000.  If you are familiar with the Laguna Beach Real Estate market then you know $500,000 doesn't get you a whole lot when looking for a single family residence here in Laguna Beach, California.  Laguna Canyon homes are located on the way out of town on Laguna Canyon road and typically take 5 minutes to get to the downtown area of Laguna Beach.  Canyon homes are often a more affordable option if you are looking to live in Laguna.  Short sale homes also provide an excellent opportunity to buy a home at a great price.  If you are looking for Laguna Beach short sales or looking for a deal in Laguna Beach this may be the area for you.  For more information on Laguna Canyon…
Apr 15

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Mystic Hills is a great area here in Laguna Beach, California with stunning ocean view homes.  A newly listed home in the Mystic Hills community has come on the market for $1,425,000.  The home is built in the European cottage style with a private gated entrance and wonderful ocean views.  Mystic Hills is located just north of the Temple Hills neighborhood and is a short distance to the Laguna Village and Main Beach.  If you are looking for an ocean view property and want a home with good architectural features then we highly recommend the Mystic Hills area. There are currently two short sale listings in the Mystic Hills area priced at $1,020,000 and $999,900.  For more information about Laguna Beach Real Estate please contact us today at 949-355-1622.